Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rainy Days

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An example of a great day is when it is raining mildly, but it IS raining!

And when after having a day with an angry sun overhead, when it rains, its like a dream come true for everyone who had no other option but to feel the heat, and henceforth, taking a PDB(Publicly-Displayed-Bath) from a bottle of water and sucking ice-candies which would put vampires to shame(not Edward Cullen of course, he, well, sucks the best-at everything!).

Thus, when it rained, it was really a moment to rejoice. Its such a beautiful sight to look around-kids with paper-boats, people coming out of the shades to enjoy the joy of getting drenched, buses splashing water on you , making you totally wet and yet you give a geeky grin....
Yes , it is a beautiful sight.
Because rain clears our vision(literally and metaphorically).
And rain results in unification.

Rainfall is a phenomenon which has always been a subject of positive discussion-you wont find much of a depressing article on rain--perhaps the ability it possesses to wash away our depressive thoughts. The subject matter of songs, movies, stories--fiction-segment has rain as an inevitable aspect.
So, as I get back to my room, drenched completely in the rain(with that geeky smile), a small piece comes up in my mind:
Far and wide as I see, 
The rustling of leaves, the blowing of wind-
cold wind, as it kisses my face,
Plays with my hair, yes-
Rain is soon to arrive!
Ah! A moment to dance, a moment to get soaked,
 in happiness!
To let go of all the worldly-bother, to just break-free!

A cup of tea, with some snacks, friends all around you,
Playing scrabble,dumb-charade,hangman!
As the rumbling of soft-thunder plays on,
I look outside my window, and I can see,
that the world has suddenly become such a beautiful place
to live!
Oh how I wish, this stayed, this absolute calmness and serenity...

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