Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Note on Why We Need to Talk More about Logan

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Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine era means different things to different people. 

Most of us go at great lengths to think fondly of it and defend their stand on how awesome the era is. 

To me it has mostly been a well-acted part that he had played throughout with movies alright and bad here and there.

He seems to enjoy promoting the aspect of violence associated with a long-running character that is Wolverine. 

The action sequences of Logan write an elaborate testimony to support this. With every amped up and speedy action sequence in Logan, in which you’d just want to see a Wolverine gut slice chop grate tear and stab through, there’s an absolutely uncompromised level of fan servicing included. 

R rating helps a lot. But if you have looked at Wolverine movies as being mainly about revenge, be prepared to see a different, layered kind of story this time. Talking any further about the plot threatens to give away spoilers.

Logan sure does have its set of flaws. 

A list could me made, such as:
- unexplained appearances of ordinary objects which help people do something important throughout the movie. 

But this is about me being truly critical. 

As a viewer who wants some depth in the conversation scenes so that a simple plot could find its true purpose in hindsight, I was blown away.

In the end, Logan, I’d like to think, is just a finely-crafted movie that improved with time, thanks to an excellent array of skill-ful performances, balanced-mess action, and of course, a journey about a Father who'd go to the last mile to save his child.

My Rating: 9.5/10
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