Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Dream of a Conversation

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"I miss you."

"I know you do. I can feel it."

"It's been long, I so want to return home now."

"I know baby, just a day more, isn't it?"


"What's the matter? You seem a little upset. Something bothers you?"

"Nah I am fine. It's just that this preceding time before departure.."

"Well what about it?"

"It makes me sad. It kind of stirs me inside, and I find it quite unsettling."

"I know that feeling...been through that many times.."

"Hmm...I just wish I could somehow skip this moment and transport myself directly to the departure bit.."

"Just a few more hours baby, and you'll be with me. I have so many things planned."

"Ooooh, and what are they?"

"Surprise , surprise!"

"Oh c'mon, you know how I hate surprises. Better not let me know at all, that you're planning a surprise, if you don't intend to tell me what it is!"

"Ha ha, see that's the fun part . And look how I am enjoying this, making you go all crazy about this!"

"Arrggh, I hate this, hate you--"

"But I know you love me."

"...I do."

"Then , come."


"To me."

"Hah! And now you give me more desperation to reach you , sooner."

"Well at least, it would keep you wondering what the surprises are and would take your mind off that 'unsettling' feeling, right?"

"I love you, you should know that."

"I do. And you know my response."


"What? You have always said that you loved this reply of mine."

"Yes...after all this years.. I still remember how I used to say those three words and you used to reply with this--"

"With a hint of mischief. Taunting you--"

"And making me fall for you, even more."

"I know I am awesome."

"Yes,you are."


"Which is why , I would be coming to you for real , this time."

"What do you mean?"

"What I meant was I will be hitting the accelerator harder now."

"You're not doing anything like that."

"Why? What's the point in living like this? Thinking of you and going back to the place where we spent our days together!"

"But that is where you will find me...that's where I will always stay."

"It isn't , you don't understand. I cannot go back and tell myself that I have you--"

"Why do I hear the winds rushing faster?"

"Because I am driving at 120 now."

"For God's sake, please don't do this!"

"The reality, the truth is that, I will be with you for real , only this way. This is the only way left for me now."

"Please , please stop, oh God, please stop! Please!!"

"Death is the only way I have left for myself to be with dead wife..I....I...Love..Yo--"

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Waking Up

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He got up with a start. The world around him seemed hazy and distorted. A weird feeling was gripping his head.

I want to sleep, don't want to get up!

He was late for work already. Somehow he managed to gather his strength and tried to reach the switchboard. A few clicks later he started feeling as if he forgot which switches pointed to the tubelight of  his own room. Wiping his face, slapping himself, he got up, reached the bathroom.



He fell with a loud thud on the wet and slippery floor. He was well awake now.

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