Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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People. People see people. People look out for people. People sense the need for people.


People find people. People rejoice people. People celebrate people. People propel people. 


People condescend people. People fight with people. People bring down people. People accuse people.


People expect from people. People stop expecting from people. People want people. People heed people.


People surround people. People choke people. People cast people. People separate people. 


People read people. People understand people. People support people. People connect with people.

The collective identity-People.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Internship at Hyderabad: A Week Later

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Time flies. In my case, it was swimming in the vastness of  delectable sambhar that my taste buds were savoring every morning, noon and night. The flavor of curry leaves and mustard seeds has done wonders for my palate. And being a bong, I am glad I am not having trouble feeding my tummy at Hyderabad, to say the least.

The change of hostel

Kacheguda was too far from the place where we were interning. It meant a  rigorous journey of 1.5 hours to reach a destination that was not much of being a Final one (ignore the allusion). We were commuting 3-4 hours in buses and autos, and this had to be stopped. So, when the 5th member of our team joined us on 8th of May, we decided that it is time we cut the distance short. 

Caption This!

Result: We were now staying 15 minutes from R.C.I. 

Avengers happened finally, in 3D

I was not really looking forward to watch this movie  the way I am waiting eagerly for The Dark Knight Rises, but twitter and FB made me determined, to catch it in theaters (in 3D). And Hyderabad has quite a reputation when it comes to 3D screens. Therefore, I booked the tickets while at work, for the evening show on 9th (the next day). Fun fact: The same day we searched and found our new hostel,  and shifted our base. So it was quite a hectic day. Thankfully, our boss had given us a day off.

At Prasads Multiplex, Hyderabad.

Avengers was a  treat to watch. Superb CGI combined with a tight and convincing script and some good  humor made it a great experience. Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo were at their usual best. Downey's timing was impeccable, and Hulk was mightier than ever. All in all, a memorable movie, which calls for a second viewing.

Soda shops on the streets of Hyderabad are present in abundance. I guess they are more in number than the SBI ATMs across the city. One thing I enjoy everyday is the journey in the Diesel Autos. They play groovy Telugu tracks, which rock as the vehicle rocks along, and the best part is that, I don't understand any of the lyrics!
Auto-Ride! \m/

Wrapping up

Hyderabad is a big , busy city. It never expects much from you, but the convergence of different cultures and ethnicity makes you let it grow in you. 

Time to sign off , as I get the documentation of our first week of internship work ready. 

P.S.: In the land of food, I am with four strict vegans. Yes, I STILL DID NOT TASTE THE HYDERABADI BIRIYANI! *sulks* 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Internship at Hyderabad: Discovering DRDO

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Mogra Mornings!

Hyderabad is hot and a bit humid. Makes you sleepy more often. Or maybe it is the consistently large amount of rice that I am consuming. Anyways, Hyderabad is a pretty good  setup for aspiring ISEET-ians. They have everything a would-be-geek geek can ask for~ hostels, cheap food, cheaper sim cards, study centers, dhobis, and this is a weird listing of things I believe I did right now. But get the jazz, this place is booming with the coaching business. A little bit desperate on their part, I see every shop having a hint  attached to make their business run. Some pics below will suffice to what I really mean:

The whole shop of electronic household products depends upon this one  specific  label.
SanJEEvni people, you are doing it right!

All in all, a hub for aspiring brilliant minds, I have already made pals with the boys living in the rooms adjacent to ours. They are wonderful and seemingly talented, I wish them luck! 

The first day at work

You are not an Indian if you are not late for work. So keeping with the 'dharohar', we woke up late in the morning. Our senior, who was also the person under whom we would be working with at DRDO, called up on time. I was almost groaning but managed to convince him that we are leaving for breakfast whereas in reality we were actually getting up and cribbing.
I woke up and checked out only to find that a queue of those IIT-dudes in their undies, waiting to take shower. "Today we will be castrated for being late" I figured. 

Somehow we managed to get ready , have breakfast, and start late. We were taking the Hyderabadi buses for the first time so, I had no idea how to or which bus to watch out for. I must say, the people here are very helpful, even the driver of a different bus would stop and tell us which bus to look for.  "Are we a part of some bigger conspiracy? Why are the people being so nice to us?" I wondered. Too much of Prison Break ,Dexter and Fringe, I must say. 

Bus commuting happened, and in the midst some momentary hiccups, we reached our destination: The majestic, Reseach Centre Imarat, DRDO.

Barely managed to fit in the frame!

Gate passes and loads of formalities later, we reached inside. It was endless. It was huge! It was a different state, or a country perhaps. It was not a single building. We were supposed to reach building no. 0212 but, as it appeared, even the employees did not know of it properly. "0212? Arae woh Agni Lab hai kya?" one of them inquired. "Sir, I don't work here" I murmured. "Kya bola?" he said. "Thank you Sir, Thank you bola!" I made a fugly face and we dashed out as soon as we could. 

30 minutes and a battery-car ride later, we managed to get to the said building. It was well maintained and well-equipped. DRDO lives up to its name, I must say. Huge tall buildings ( I wish I could click some snaps) and everything  was just humongous, and equally admiring. We got used to seeing the missile prototypes very soon, and in an hour or so, we were working well with our 'boss'. A professional environment it was- slightly depressing but it makes you think clearly. 

So we worked till 5.30 pm, and as we were getting ready to leave, I asked our senior about the prototype that was kept adjacent and visible from our office. "What prototype? They are real, dude!" he beamed."Only the explosives are not there. Rest, it is a real missile!"

Trust me, the words are still ringing in my head, and as I prepare to get back to work on Monday, I have a new aim that I wish to achieve by the end of this internship: To take pic by sitting INSIDE that huge ballistic oh-so-awesome bad-ass missile! Sweeet Jesus!  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Internship at Hyderabad: The Onset

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( 04-05-2012)
So it was a fine morning when I was coming back from college with my pals, fooling around and talking crap after taking crap from the HOD, when I ran into my senior who offered me an internship offer at DRDO Hyderabad. Strange, isn't it? Yeah I am that awesome. So as I was saying, he asked me if I were interested working there, and as I was already so frustrated after getting all those automated mails from all those dignified Professors of glorified colleges, I accepted.

Cut to the 1st of May 2012

We were queuing up for tatkal booking at the nearest local station. It was 12 am. It was windy and we had a sleepless day roaming around in the college. And I was driving the bike for the first time. I had no license. Need I say more? Yeahh it was a fine summer midnight. And we got the 3rd position in the queue, and luckily got 3 seats booked for our journey , the next day.

Cut to the 2nd of May 2012

The two of us, Pankaj and I , took an auto to Sindhi Camp Bus Stand, Jaipur. The third guy, Mohit aka Scientist met us there. We took a  Metal(Gold/Silver don't exactly remember) Line and reached Hazrat Nizamuddin the early next morning. Sources tell that they found me  holding my phone close to my ear and sleeping. While I kept complaining about the dying battery, the remaining two kept nagging me about my addiction to twitter. "Revenge shall be taken when you two will be made fun of , in my blog" I murmured. 

Cut to 3rd May 2012

I was sleepy and I knew it. And slumber had taken me down well. Indian Railways rock, yea they literally do. They rocked the baby koala in me. I was getting into the next deeper level when BOO! Pankaj's forehead appeared in front of me. "Utth jaa saale, kya bhainse ke tarah soya pada hai." were the exact words. The train had no pantry (yay to my judgment of  filling the reservation form) so we had to arrange for the foods by ourselves. I and Scientist got down at Kazipet, and there they were-vendors selling  Idli-vada! With delectable white coconut chutney, I almost pounced at it. "Memories!"  I wondered. Yes, for the record(and even if it is not, you have to read it as it is my blog post) , I was born in Vizag, and my parents had stayed in Southern India for almost 8 years, so I was familiar with the dishes. And I gobbled the Vadas. It was heavenly. 

We reached Kacheguda Railway Station well on time. Right now I have hit the dead end with the blinking cursor. I am very sleepy. Don't have time to edit and polish the language. Might as well sleep on the keyboard. fwehhhhhhhhhhhhhhadgs[0ewffffp[0q3wrh039rh230r8fwge800.....!

(continued to the next post)

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