Sunday, May 13, 2012

Internship at Hyderabad: A Week Later

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Time flies. In my case, it was swimming in the vastness of  delectable sambhar that my taste buds were savoring every morning, noon and night. The flavor of curry leaves and mustard seeds has done wonders for my palate. And being a bong, I am glad I am not having trouble feeding my tummy at Hyderabad, to say the least.

The change of hostel

Kacheguda was too far from the place where we were interning. It meant a  rigorous journey of 1.5 hours to reach a destination that was not much of being a Final one (ignore the allusion). We were commuting 3-4 hours in buses and autos, and this had to be stopped. So, when the 5th member of our team joined us on 8th of May, we decided that it is time we cut the distance short. 

Caption This!

Result: We were now staying 15 minutes from R.C.I. 

Avengers happened finally, in 3D

I was not really looking forward to watch this movie  the way I am waiting eagerly for The Dark Knight Rises, but twitter and FB made me determined, to catch it in theaters (in 3D). And Hyderabad has quite a reputation when it comes to 3D screens. Therefore, I booked the tickets while at work, for the evening show on 9th (the next day). Fun fact: The same day we searched and found our new hostel,  and shifted our base. So it was quite a hectic day. Thankfully, our boss had given us a day off.

At Prasads Multiplex, Hyderabad.

Avengers was a  treat to watch. Superb CGI combined with a tight and convincing script and some good  humor made it a great experience. Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo were at their usual best. Downey's timing was impeccable, and Hulk was mightier than ever. All in all, a memorable movie, which calls for a second viewing.

Soda shops on the streets of Hyderabad are present in abundance. I guess they are more in number than the SBI ATMs across the city. One thing I enjoy everyday is the journey in the Diesel Autos. They play groovy Telugu tracks, which rock as the vehicle rocks along, and the best part is that, I don't understand any of the lyrics!
Auto-Ride! \m/

Wrapping up

Hyderabad is a big , busy city. It never expects much from you, but the convergence of different cultures and ethnicity makes you let it grow in you. 

Time to sign off , as I get the documentation of our first week of internship work ready. 

P.S.: In the land of food, I am with four strict vegans. Yes, I STILL DID NOT TASTE THE HYDERABADI BIRIYANI! *sulks* 


  1. the complete man proved again. i sensed simplicity and aroma of jasmine.........

  2. Thank you so much. That encourages me to write more. Would have been great if the veil of anonymity were removed! :)


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