Friday, March 21, 2014


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He found a voice

The voice that tells him it's time

The time to make a move

A move that defines a decision

A decision that brings the thrills

The thrills that make us all better

So better that

Even if he fails

The failure makes him stronger

So strong that he is  ready for a plunge

The plunge that will open windows

The windows with brighter opportunities

The opportunities that enhance his life

The life that's really worth living.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

50 Thousand Thanks!

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The blog crossed 50 thousand page-views this week. I could sit down only today to put down my thoughts on this. Life is all but slow, and an 11-8 job ensures that I keep busy the whole week (including weekdays, yes) . But it is exciting, and thrilling as well.

To write about this milestone was necessary. When I look back , The Placid Rambler started on 2011 with an idea of mine , which was , to make a sincere contribution to the blogosphere. I used to mostly write movie reviews, as the early patrons of my blog would note, before I slowly geared into sharing personal life experiences with an attempt to make the posts funny and readable.

Then slowly but steadily , I moved into writing fiction. I realized I had a thing for writing serious drama/thriller. People appreciated the last-line twists I would put in the posts at the end (I was primarily inspired by Jeffrey Archer's short stories). Then came some opportunities to contribute in nationwide blogging competitions (IBL 2.0) , to contribute to a MicroFiction prompt series and many other. But mostly among all these, I realized I had found my readers- the loyal ones, the ones who would give me an honest feedback for whatever I wrote- good or bad. This was the most important thing that I took away from my blog.

The Placid Rambler gave me a lot. It improved my writing skills. People would often tell me that I always had it in me to write well. But I would still say that the conversion of that potential skill-set to an active skill-set happened mainly due to this blog. As a blogger, I would always encourage people to write and put their writings up online , for the world to read. I believe this actually helps as the strangers from around the globe would drop by and put some words of encouragement for you to write more, and sometimes, some words of criticism for you to improve. And trust me, that is a great feeling. Building a readership is nothing less than an achievement, and my Facebook and Twitter accounts have helped greatly.

As I proceed to conclude this post , I want to thank you all, my dear readers, for being patient enough to see me grow, and for being faithful enough to see me improve. I will never say that I have reached that point of learning and improving, where I won't need your support and feedback. That's never going to happen. Thank you so much , for being there, reading my posts, giving your weighted feedback, and recommending my posts to your peers.


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