Monday, January 13, 2014

Explosion Of My Mind Palace

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This is not the first time that I have visited my blog and written something that is a direct result of absolute explosion of thoughts and emotions, which basically means I wanted to vent out my frustration that arose as I just finished watching the season finale of Sherlock Season 3.

Yeah good going you two, oh wait.

I feel high right now. The utter chaotic noise that is clouding and polluting my head, as I finished watching that damned episode is giving me an urge of doing something close to extremities. "WHY ?" is the question I and the fans across the world would ask Steve Moffat and Mark Gatiss. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US?!
"Because, we own your souls and control your mind."

I am trying my best to keep this post spoiler-free without giving away any plot details but trust me, if you think you have seen it enough, you are mistaken; the quality that the makers of this show pertain to themselves is of the evilest in nature, and it is- to manipulate their viewers so as to keep them faithful, hooked, asking for more, and getting sleepless nights ,chewing their nails away for a duration of two years. I bow to thee, you genius twerps!

Talking about the season in general, I had faith in the makers. And when the first two episodes were in a way, a few steps shot of being 'incredible', I had a disposed but eerie feeling- is this some sort of buildup that's laying the foundation stone for the big finale? Ah well..

They kept the finale incredibly pacy while being detailed with the crafting. Every scene, every background score and every dialogue is blended perfectly and as if that wasn't enough, the episode ends with a four-worded sentence - I cannot give out what that sentence is as of yet, lest you smart-asses will figure it out and be super-pissed at me for giving a spoiler.

You'd be just like this minion when you finish the episode.

My mind palace exploded.

Me, at the moment.

Sherlock Season 4 needs to arrive soon.
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