Friday, September 2, 2011

Ah! That heavenly bite!

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Chocolate-a word that is enough to make your taste-buds ask for it. As we celebrate everyday this amazing creation by mankind, I have taken and elaborated three scenes here which show how magical sometimes it feels, to find a bite of chocolate, the right place,the right time!

Scene 1: Hunger at workplace
You are busy at work. Your  boss wants to set an example of his work-ethic by giving you pressure that you won't even wish to give to your worst enemy. Conclusion? You miss your lunch,maybe your dinner too.

Suddenly you notice a shiny-wrapper peeking out of your laptop bag. As if God was there for your rescue, you find that it is a chocolate bar! "Screw work, screw the boss!" you declare, and open the wrapper so restlessly that your peers-at-work might as well become compelled to make a video clip out of you!

Soon enough, you see a brown-colored mold-and the glitter in your eyes at that moment is priceless...the scene becomes melodramatic, as tears start surfacing your eyes and you take a big bite on that innocent piece of chocolate. Ah! that heavenly bite! You relish each and every single ingredient, you savor the creamy filling, you enjoy the seduction of the smell. And before you know it, your day was made.

Scene 2: Boy in class

You are sitting in the front row of the class.Your teacher is so boring that you suddenly start wondering why was the color of the blackboard black?!

Now sitting at the first bench has its own low-points: You cannot yawn, you cannot wink at the girls, you cannot pass comments for the teacher, and the worst of all-you cannot do anything about your hunger.

And as if your sensory organs are determined to trouble you, your stomach gives away continuous growls to let you know it is hungry! And you do realize you have a bar of chocolate in your pocket.What do you do?

You ask your friends for assistance, with the simple promise of a share. Your friends oblige, they give you cover, you sneak to the back-row of the class, your friends join you, and then, three steps: open, momentary glance, and...HUGE BITE! Ah! that heavenly bite! And as your buddies are  busy fighting for the rest of the chocolate, you find yourself drifting away-to that utopian land of  happiness!

Scene 3: The penniless boy with his date

You are sitting on a bench in the park, your date by your side. You are broke and you are shy enough to ask for a treat.

But she seems less interested in seeing your state as she is busy,very busy, blabbering about almost anything that this universe has ever possessed. Its not like you don't like her, but a hungry stomach plays weird tricks on your mind, and you suddenly feel that urge of giving your date a "neck-rub" with some twisting and turnings!

But you are shy, you are a fool- and this combination of traits combined with the hunger makes you blurt out a big fat BURRRPP!

Embarrassed, your palms do the job of covering your mouth, while you decide to take a furtive glance at your date. She is flabbergasted!

But then, miracle happens. She takes out a bar of chocolate from her bag, and suddenly, you are in love-not with her-but with that choco-bar.And the shameless you makes you stick your tongue out like a puppy, and you find your date is laughing, uncontrollably!

She opens the wrapper carefully, and you get so ecstatic that you almost give her a big smooch, but she offers you the bar instead. "Go ahead!" she chirps. And without thinking, you take a huge bite! Ah! that heavenly bite! And  soon you find yourself landing an innocent kiss on her cheek. Eek?!!

No! She smiles and takes a small bite too, and as you thank this flavor which was making you swing  with happiness, you realize-the cupid has struck!!!

                                                      #I know you are hungry now!!! :P
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