Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The after-effects of an unforgettable novel

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"Eh bien!"

My hands were not being steady as I turned the last page of the novel for the last time. The excitement and the feeling given by the revelation is too much to be contained in me. It is huge!

You see, people find ways to pass that sudden spur of energy-some keep gasping, some talk to their friends for hours, some roam in circles in their rooms, and some start gorging food. But I decided to choose this method of cooling myself down.

And that is the success of Agatha Christie-to have been instilled in me and a million others, this feeling , this excitement, this , this emotional wave that is going inside my head, that I don't think would ever go away soon-because I don't want it to go away.

The only problem you will face when you finish this masterpiece is that you would feel like blurting out the secret-who was the murderer-to every single person you meet and interact with.

But don't worry, I am not letting out the secret here, I am just trying to build the curiosity in you so that you own a copy of this as soon as possible, and get over with it.

You can be at the receiving end of the blurt out-so beware and let others know that you have the novel only after you have read it. Or else, you would want to deactivate your FB and twitter accounts, block people on GTalk(I actually did this) and the likewise.

Such  is the magic of Agatha Christie. You will suspect every single character in the novel, maybe Poirot himself, but when you reach the climax, you will know, what I was talking about.

I was recommended this one by one of my friends to whom I am really grateful. And I hope to pass the fad on-so that everyone I know reads it. Mind you that I am an avid reader of crime fictions, yet this is my state: rapture, due to the pressure of ecstasy and shock and surprise all mixed,in my mind.

Happy reading.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I am used to saying that I used to read!

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For the past few months, I have been focusing on improving my reading habits-I opened a goodreads account, I ordered a lot of novels from Flipkart, I bookmarked pages from Wikipedia and likewise.
Because of this:
"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-controversies surrounding this movie's release in India (which was ultimately cancelled)."

For the first time, I realized that as a book-worm, I had failed myself. It was for the first time that a movie so much appreciated, was releasing, which was based on a worldwide best-seller and alas! I could really not appreciate the fad, because I had not read it.
Aha! They skipped the third and the seventh chapter from the book!

So this is what everything has come down to? The bong in me, who had lined up, filled with ecstasy outside the theaters when the LOTR and the Harry Potter movies had released, when Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon lifted the thrill to new heights- because I  had read  those masterpieces and visualized each and every eureka moment in the plots before-will now plainly sit and watch the downloaded ripped version of the movie and gasp in the end? This is totally unacceptable.

Thus I started my search for my lost love-my love for reading.The first thing that I did was to download the movie. Then I kept the movie folder on my desktop, so that it would bug me everyday and compel me to read the novel. Then I did a bit of Wiki research(check my previous post to see how important Wikipedia is in my life, I simply can't ignore it!) to know more of Stieg Larsson and his Milennium Trilogy. I was surprised to know what an amazing series he had written.

Then came the placing of the order-the concept of online shopping was already a craze in my hostel-with people ordering books and pen-drives and being happy about the Cash on Delivery idea. They rejoiced when they saw that they were getting a book worth 210/- for 190/- and were happy enough to add shipping charges of Rs 30 (as per the policy of the website, a bill under Rs 200 would add shipping charges)!

So I opened Flipkart, got distracted by various offers for a while, before landing on to the relevant page. I ordered, with a lot of expectations, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and waited to get my hands on it(not her, if you thought something like that.Damn I am a natural at PJs).

Three days later, I got the book and planned to finish it in 2 days. I was very happy, that my  addiction for books was coming back, and that my old Sidney-Sheldon-fanatic-self would smile.
That evening, one of my hostel-mates came to my room. Usual blabbering started till we landed on Agatha Christie's works. "Have you read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd?" he inquired. "Erm..no. Is it good?" I said. "Dude, it the most-sold book in the world after The Bible! You should totally read it! The way the mystery is solved, and the last few chapters, ohhh mann!!" my friend was beaming. "Really? Well do you have it?" "Well of course I do!" "Whoa! I would totally read it!" i screamed and got The Murder of Roger Ackroyd from him.

To this day, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is lying in a corner, dusty, while Poirot is still unable to solve the mystery surrounding Roger Ackroyd's murder. You got it right, I am back on the streets of Facebook and twitter, and my love for reading, well....

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