Sunday, October 18, 2020

Icy Again

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              Image Credits: psychology today

Icy now, this mood

we wait it out, slow it down really, and think about things

what is the artsy, creative mind?
a tendency to do everything

a sense of doing nothing

nothing at all


a rush to finish it, ship it out, rapid-publish without a second thought

"icy hue is nice to me"

but too much of grey doesn't sit well, too

this constant back-n-forth of ideas

of states of mind

of decision-making

you toughen up only to become unconcerned about the world
you soften a bit only to get defeated, swiftly

this constant self-reminder of keeping a balance
whether or not you know it

the busy, artsy minds around us
can't anchor to the learnings always

'cause anchoring while in action must be a superpower
it has to be a superpower, we are sure

in the process of doing something, you either focus on the doings or on the feelings, hah!

no scope to overthink is needed
simple, clear thinking helps

but we do know that clarity in our thoughts can make us hyper-aware

so then we dim it down a bit

a bit, a little bit more until 

it is
icy again.
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