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The Biker Who Could Bend Time

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A cloudy weather on a weekend meant Auro would be surely taking his fabled sports bike out that morning. Auro had bought it entirely with his savings from last year. Biking never came naturally to him, and he had had his fair share of accidents. Yet when he bought this bike, he knew he would be more responsible with it , and the daily commute to work and back would be a little easier and more convenient.

Auro decided to take the 4-lane ring road a few kms away from his place. The weather coupled with the weekend meant that the ring road would basically be a smooth pad for bikers. Auro smiled as he remembered how the last time he fell off a bike had led to him saving some lives. Thinking of the past and realizing how he had made improvements in the gift he possessed, he set out, with some safety gear and a helmet. A 10-minute drive and his day would be made.

He reached the start of the ring road in no time. Saturday morning called for empty lanes and emptier main roads. Preparing himself for the ride, he counted. 1. 2. 3. he fired up the engine and the beast , giving a majestic roar, soared in space with him. One of the best feelings . Auro said to himself as he picked up to 70 in mere seconds.

He was careful and calculated, driving at a steady speed of 70. For some reason, he had figured out that this is the ideal speed for him for all good reasons, though it is really laughable and underestimating for the machinery that he was driving. But he was here just for some good time. He didn't have racing in his mind.

He drove like this for five minutes. His mind was occupied with pure joy and fun. He would have almost let himself loose when instantly a Harley davidson whizzed past him, grazing the right side of his bike. He almost found himself skidding, but managed to gain control soon. Rage rushed into his head.

Rage , a pathetic mind controller. When it grips you  you don't see the complications it brings with itself. You just go with what it directs, only to realize the blunder when it leaves your senses. Auro was no exception. He was a normal boy in his early twenties, albeit with a gift. But sadly, his rage got the better of him as he decided to charge the biker who just damaged his bike. Something, somewhere was calling out to him, asking him, begging him to stop. Auro didn't listen to the voice this time.

The voice, was a part of the gift he had. In the past he had used his gift, mostly unknowingly, when a horrifying mishap that occured 3 months back had made him decide that he is better off without the gift that he had. Because the voice had told him that day that something was not right about the flight he was in; that something needed to be done to ensure it doesn't crash. He had looked outside , no turbulence, a clear cloudless sky it was. Yet this being one of those early days when he had realized what he could do, that he decided to listen to his voice.

He had tried to turn the time back, but miscalculated some seconds. Soon he had found himself pushed out of the cruising plane , because he was sitting next to the emergency gate. He never realized when he had opened the gate, perhaps he did it in reality which he had just fast forwarded. He could find himself falling into the sea, drowning, and could see the plane go down about a mile in front of him- taking all the passengers with it.

They had found him in a state of unconsciousness in a few hours. Auro was declared the lone survivor of the crash that took lives of 102 people onboard. To this day he blamed himself to be the reason behind the crash , because he had acted too early , listening to the voice , and had consequently miscalculated almost 3 seconds when he turned time back - the engine was to catch fire is what the voice had told him, but instead of avoiding the factors that would lead to the fire, his miscalculation had enabled it.

To this day he had kept his promise which he had sworn that fateful day- that he would never use his ability to bend time.

He accelerated hard. He could see the other biker in sight. From 70 he went upwards of 100. 120. 140. Wind waves rushed past him, water from his eyes rushed to the back of his ears. No care for the world. No worries. Just a handful of rage controlled him as he crossed the biker , and turned himself around and screeched his bike to a halt.

The biker didn't notice him when he should have. When he did , he tried to control his speed. But he was late to react. He was late by 3 seconds. Auro kept facing him, and he kept his engine on, revving his accelerator, readying for a showdown. The other biker fanatically tried to control his speed as he could see Auro not moving a bit. In a few seconds, they were mere 5 meters away from each other and the other biker found his brakes failing. Auro was about to move out of the way when suddenly the voice inside his head called out-  don't . Momentarily , Auro became transfixed, as he could see broken shards of glasses on the road which resembled the glass pieces of the aeroplane's emergency gate. He found himself falling into a deep fuzz of confusion, as he could hear the voice telling him not to move, mixed with the outcry of the biker who was rushing at him for a head-on collision at the speed of 80. Auro found himself losing consciousness.

They found him in a state of unconsciousness in a few hours. All the water that had filled when he drowned in the sea was extracted from his lungs in few minutes by skilled paramedics. He returned to his senses. He could see a floating metallic body at a distant sea, partially burning in fire. He got up his stretcher, and found himself amongst many other people at the beach, all under medical supervision.

Auro was right with his calculations this time.

The investigation went on for the next 3 months regarding the fault that led to the mishap. Yet everybody was baffled as to how accurately one of the passengers of the flight had managed to open all the emergency doors of the flight- that ultimately had led to easy exit of the passengers when the pilot had descended the crashing plane onto the sea, a mere 5 meters from the sea surface. Everybody inflight was saved.

Auro was reading the newspaper as he looked out of the window. It was a pleasant afternoon, perfect for a bike ride at a nearby ring road. He was sensing a feeling that he had decided to take the ride that morning too, but couldn't really remember why he didn't take it.

Taking his safety gear and a helmet , he reached the parking lot where he found his bike having a nasty scratch on its right side.

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