Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday , The Placid Rambler!

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4500+ views. 

Awesome audience. 

Good hits in Indiblogger and Blogadda.

Encouraging comments on the posts.


Mention in a national daily.

Humble Rambler found a quite nice way to ramble.

What started as a mere blog for reviews, soon found its way to become a place of varied genres. Laugh, ponder, imagine- The Placid Rambler has a unique post every time. Poetry, articles, stories- a little bit of everything is here. I poured all my thoughts  here. The blog became a portal for me where I would 'dump', conjure and engrave my thoughts. 

Take your time, do visit some of my personal favorite posts of the blog:

....and lots more. I am sure you would love to spend your time here. 

Thank you , dear reader.

*Drums roll*

Happy Birthday, The Placid Rambler! 

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