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Stillborn Story

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Ever since the fateful incident occurred, she was continuously in a state of shock and sadness. Hopelessness would mix with immense frustration as she would try to fight herself out of her misery. She missed him, especially during these times.

Her relatives and family members tried hard to make her get moving with her life, without succeeding much in doing so. Some of them even started wondering if she was beyond any cure now. 

She walked towards the mirror nearby and looked into her image. Slowly, she started patting her belly, as tears trickled down her wrinkled cheeks. "Come, my sweet child, we are all waiting for you..." she murmured. Memories started flooding her mind as she tried hard not to remember the past.

The day the news got confirmed, she wanted Peter to know about it the first. Ever since he died, her world had changed, but she tried to keep herself busy. Her in-laws were supportive as well. They would always keep her pampered, in a way, accompanying her everywhere and granting every wish she wished for. The regular visits to the clinic spoke of the affirmative health of the baby. Then came one day, when things started getting a bit more serious. 

She observed that her friends, family members and her doctors were being a little alert around her. But whenever she tried to know what the problem was, they would always respond very gleefully, assuring her that nothing was there that she should worry about. But somehow, she sensed, there was something not quite right. 

Soon they got an attendant to take care of her all the time. The nurse would look into every single activity of her day- from making sure she ate the right food to controlling the doses of the medicines she took- the nurse had been forced into her life, making her feel like a toddler. 

As the date of the delivery started approaching, the strictness in the air grew coarser. One day, all of a sudden, she was informed that she would have to go under the knife immediately, weeks ahead of her scheduled delivery date. "Else there could complications." They said. She remembered how fast things moved that day.

She gave birth to a stillborn. 

She looked up into the mirror, her eyes filled with absolute horror as she returned back to her present. She started sobbing mildly. Her friends and family members stayed for some time with her, before they decided that it would be best if she were left on her own for some time. They left the room quietly. She saw them leave through the reflection on the mirror. 

Her curled up lips slowly turned up to a wry smile and went back to the previous state of grief again. She started mumbling:
"... you, you let Peter die.. you couldn't take care of him well enough!"
"Peter never loved you, he loved me. He proposed me, it was I who had agreed to marry him."
" manipulated him..she always had his eyes set on stole him..away from me.."

Outside her room, her team of doctors and psychiatrists joined her family members. One of them started speaking after ensuring that they were out of her hearing range.

"You all have to understand and be with us. We know it's a difficult time for you all, but please try to understand the complications of the case we are dealing with here. It's hard to digest, but we request you to be patient. "

Her psychiatrist began: " Ever since Peter died of lung cancer, Amy had been in a state of mental dilemma and shock. She encountered a state of frustration that kept seeping into her head, clouding her thoughts. We have looked into her medical history. We realize and understand that she used to fight with her inner self, blaming herself for the demise of her husband. You can say that she was at times overpowered by her inner thoughts, which made it extremely difficult for her to differentiate between the complexities of her life. She is very sick, and you all have to digest this fact, no matter how difficult it is for you. She was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder when she was a teenager. Two persons are living in her mind, one is the Amy we know, and the other is the Amy whom we never noticed."

Pausing briefly to allow the words to sink in, he continued:

"She was an only child to her parents. She had a sibling rivalry, a normal phenomenon among teenagers. But she had the rivalry with her inner self, the 'other' Amy. Over time, the other Amy started becoming stronger and more prominent in Amy's life. Our guess is that the rivalry never died between the two personalities."

"The sudden decline of the fetus' condition inside her womb raised the alarm, but by then it was too late to save it. Amy's attendant had found a half-empty bottle of  Mifepristone pills in her closet. It's a drug used very frequently for medical abortion, and she had started consuming it when she was 8 weeks pregnant. Our theory, upon our thorough examination, is that Amy's conflict with the other Amy extended beyond her, or rather, the conflict extended onto  'their' love for Peter. It's quite clear now that the other Amy could never withstand the fact that she wasn't chosen by Peter, and she couldn't allow Amy to associate with him. She blamed her for his death. It was only a matter of time before she would take steps to ensure that Amy doesn't give birth to his child."


  1. You have an incredible imagination Soumya. And you drove the story marvellously. Keep it up.

    The story registered a sadness and then a shock. But the emotions worked well.

    1. Aditi, thanks for always putting the right words for encouragement. Thank you so much. :)

  2. Dissociative Identity Disorder is a rather serious mental ailment and its frightening to know what Amy did to herself. Very well written.

  3. That did give me goosebumps. Brilliant story. Very well written.

  4. Based on this, you sure are a Sheldon in the making. Brilliant take, namesake! :)

  5. good read man. i like to read more about this story.

  6. Hello....I had a huge comment saved up for you...but blame blogspot -_-

    Very powerfully written...I was especially blown away by the ending. Innovative story line too.

    You're a natural story teller. ^_^

    Khub bhalo likhechish... :))


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