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Movie Review: 'Hustle'

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What worked for me was how the movie was working the pace of the game.

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Adam Sandler fans must feel vindicated every time he makes a good drama. After Uncut Gems, I was, you can say, waiting to rush to the very next drama that he makes. I believe Adam Sandler is one of those actors who won’t think much about repute when they pick up scripts, they are just very secure in what they do.

Hustle doesn’t disappoint, as it is a refreshing yet intense sports drama. Some really good lines get spoken by the man himself. What clicks is the chemistry that is depicted between a scout and his find — this is a relationship that I do not recall seeing in a feature film. And it works damn well, amidst the backdrop of Philadelphia’s cool NBA craze.

The background music touches on a bit of synth — just a tad bit — kind of like Uncut Gems — but ultimately, respectfully, plays it safe. This was much needed because the movie couldn’t afford to lose focus in such a simple plot which doesn’t want to (or need to) scope out too much. Again, refreshing to see this happen.

This was a movie that kept a smile on my face throughout. The drive it depicts, the rush it creates, the stillness it doesn’t fake, and the humour it allows — all these elements balance out well. You wouldn’t get bored of the food jokes for sure.

Netflix x Sandler works. It worked yet again through Hustle. What’s next for us? I hope it arrives soon.

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