Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The after-effects of an unforgettable novel

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"Eh bien!"

My hands were not being steady as I turned the last page of the novel for the last time. The excitement and the feeling given by the revelation is too much to be contained in me. It is huge!

You see, people find ways to pass that sudden spur of energy-some keep gasping, some talk to their friends for hours, some roam in circles in their rooms, and some start gorging food. But I decided to choose this method of cooling myself down.

And that is the success of Agatha Christie-to have been instilled in me and a million others, this feeling , this excitement, this , this emotional wave that is going inside my head, that I don't think would ever go away soon-because I don't want it to go away.

The only problem you will face when you finish this masterpiece is that you would feel like blurting out the secret-who was the murderer-to every single person you meet and interact with.

But don't worry, I am not letting out the secret here, I am just trying to build the curiosity in you so that you own a copy of this as soon as possible, and get over with it.

You can be at the receiving end of the blurt out-so beware and let others know that you have the novel only after you have read it. Or else, you would want to deactivate your FB and twitter accounts, block people on GTalk(I actually did this) and the likewise.

Such  is the magic of Agatha Christie. You will suspect every single character in the novel, maybe Poirot himself, but when you reach the climax, you will know, what I was talking about.

I was recommended this one by one of my friends to whom I am really grateful. And I hope to pass the fad on-so that everyone I know reads it. Mind you that I am an avid reader of crime fictions, yet this is my state: rapture, due to the pressure of ecstasy and shock and surprise all mixed,in my mind.

Happy reading.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.


  1. Well, I read this book a year back and it was worth a read. Somewhere around half-way I wanted to jump to last page and simply see who is the murderer but I avoided that. It was around 250th page I made a guess about who is the murderer, which came out to be true in end. No doubt it was an excellent read and I will suggest this to everyone.

    Keep writing.

    1. Thank you very much for the words of encouragement. Well I never ever guessed the murderer and I am sure most of the people won't do. Please suggest some more Poirot novels?

  2. Great, so this is like the first time I've read someone blogging, this much in praise of a crime novel & that too from a movie critic !! *claps* well, I'm not much into this genre, but one thing is for sure I've got a good option for giving one as a gift for my cousin !! thanks for that ,keep posting :D

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the post. Well to understand the originality of this post, do read the previous post 'I am used to saying that I used to read!' :)

  3. I finished the book right now, and my head is spinning too. I know now what you meant when you said that. I never guessed who the murderer was, and when I read the last chapter, I was damned! This is by far the best AC novel I have read (considering I have read ALL of Miss Marple and a few of Poirot).

    1. This is the best feeling- when you get the exact same reaction what you expected from a fellow blogger. Christie rules! :)


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