Friday, March 21, 2014


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He found a voice

The voice that tells him it's time

The time to make a move

A move that defines a decision

A decision that brings the thrills

The thrills that make us all better

So better that

Even if he fails

The failure makes him stronger

So strong that he is  ready for a plunge

The plunge that will open windows

The windows with brighter opportunities

The opportunities that enhance his life

The life that's really worth living.


  1. oh lovely Soumya... you know i didn't even know what it was aboutand i read it aloud. it sounded so awesome man. i liked the previous version too. The 'I' version. Infact I feel that had a better voice. But this is excellent too. :-)
    loved it thoroughly.

  2. Yes I changed the I version to He version. Glad you liked it so much Aditi. :)

  3. its like an uncontrolled chain reaction

  4. Beautifully written, Kiddo :-)

    I loved how everything spirals off from one word and boils down together to bring across what you are feeling.

    Life really is worth living, isn't it? :)

    Keep writing! ^_^

    1. Oh damn, I missed this comment! Sorry, and thanks a lot! Kiddo noyi aami -_- :D :D and yes, it is totally worth living. :)


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