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Triple-Fudge World Cinema Weekend- Short Reviews

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It's been quite some time that I had watched world movies (the last one being Welcome to the Sticks- a French comedy) , hence I decided to catch a few movies that had been on my ever-growing watch-list for a long long time.

I decided to start with the much-praised The Hunt , followed by the critically acclaimed A Moment to Remember, and my journey ended with the Korean thriller - Mother. I suggest you to watch all three of them- visually pleasing, with good plot and satisfying direction- world movies are a breath of fresh air when you are bored with mainstream Bollywood or Hollywood movies.

The Hunt (Jagten) - Danish


A drama that touches upon a sensitive issue of child sexual abuse and the consequences it brings for the
person who is accused of the crime. I liked the way the director was able to leave a lasting impact. Mikkelsen was impeccable. You sympathise with the protagonist , hoping all the way that he will get justice of some form, yet the way it ends is surreal, with a slight jolt. This is an important social commentary where they show how the society will always split up into two groups- the haters and the supporters- for someone who is accused of a crime, even if not proven guilty. A must watch, Jagten raises questions about our morality and how fickle the human mind can be, when it is subjected to social issues of exceptional nature.
My rating: 8.5/10

A Moment to Remember (Nae meorisokui jiwoogae) - Korean


Ah for the love of simplistic romance! It's been a long time since I have watched a romantic movie that is not a comedy, and yet it manages to move me, in a good way. This movie also reminded me of the genre that our film industry was a front-runner in: Romance. I realized how , even though we are progressing on the terms of intelligent cinema and no-nonsense thriller genres, our romantic movies are degrading with every passing year.
This movie was a proof of how masterful the Korean direction is , with the ability to turn a simple plot to an unforgettable one that they have, this one left a lasting impression on my mind. I hear they are making a remake of this one in Hollywood - just hoping they don't ruin it the way they ruined Oldboy. (Seriously, Zinda was a way better remake) . But overall, watch this movie for its simplicity. The background score was beautiful.
My rating: 7.5/10

Mother (Madeo) - Korean


I am a big fan of Korean thrillers, and always advocate their movies of this genre. The Chaser, Oldboy,
Memories of Murder, I Saw The Devil- none of them disappointed me, rather, they held me in awe , as I saw why it was so tempting for producers of our film industry to lift ideas from these movies ( Oldboy- Zinda, The Chaser- Murder fuckin' 2) .  And even though the end product on Madeo was satisfying, the overall mood of the movie is a bit underwhelming. The plot talks about how a mother fights to save her son who is wrongly accused of murdering a girl. The climax did surprise me, although I was hoping for something bigger than that. Yet I found it to be a good watch. Direction is good, as always. Just hope that my upcoming watch ( The Yellow Sea) continues to retain me as a fan of Korean thrillers.
My rating: 7.5/10

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