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Internship at Hyderabad: The Onset

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( 04-05-2012)
So it was a fine morning when I was coming back from college with my pals, fooling around and talking crap after taking crap from the HOD, when I ran into my senior who offered me an internship offer at DRDO Hyderabad. Strange, isn't it? Yeah I am that awesome. So as I was saying, he asked me if I were interested working there, and as I was already so frustrated after getting all those automated mails from all those dignified Professors of glorified colleges, I accepted.

Cut to the 1st of May 2012

We were queuing up for tatkal booking at the nearest local station. It was 12 am. It was windy and we had a sleepless day roaming around in the college. And I was driving the bike for the first time. I had no license. Need I say more? Yeahh it was a fine summer midnight. And we got the 3rd position in the queue, and luckily got 3 seats booked for our journey , the next day.

Cut to the 2nd of May 2012

The two of us, Pankaj and I , took an auto to Sindhi Camp Bus Stand, Jaipur. The third guy, Mohit aka Scientist met us there. We took a  Metal(Gold/Silver don't exactly remember) Line and reached Hazrat Nizamuddin the early next morning. Sources tell that they found me  holding my phone close to my ear and sleeping. While I kept complaining about the dying battery, the remaining two kept nagging me about my addiction to twitter. "Revenge shall be taken when you two will be made fun of , in my blog" I murmured. 

Cut to 3rd May 2012

I was sleepy and I knew it. And slumber had taken me down well. Indian Railways rock, yea they literally do. They rocked the baby koala in me. I was getting into the next deeper level when BOO! Pankaj's forehead appeared in front of me. "Utth jaa saale, kya bhainse ke tarah soya pada hai." were the exact words. The train had no pantry (yay to my judgment of  filling the reservation form) so we had to arrange for the foods by ourselves. I and Scientist got down at Kazipet, and there they were-vendors selling  Idli-vada! With delectable white coconut chutney, I almost pounced at it. "Memories!"  I wondered. Yes, for the record(and even if it is not, you have to read it as it is my blog post) , I was born in Vizag, and my parents had stayed in Southern India for almost 8 years, so I was familiar with the dishes. And I gobbled the Vadas. It was heavenly. 

We reached Kacheguda Railway Station well on time. Right now I have hit the dead end with the blinking cursor. I am very sleepy. Don't have time to edit and polish the language. Might as well sleep on the keyboard. fwehhhhhhhhhhhhhhadgs[0ewffffp[0q3wrh039rh230r8fwge800.....!

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  1. The best thing about this post, short and sweet. and being a student with similar experiences, i can very much relate to it.. waiting for more :)

  2. Thank You. Yes I will try to keep the posts more interesting. That was inspirational. :)


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