Saturday, March 31, 2012

Copy.Edit. *Wait for it* Paste!

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As kids, we among siblings fight when he/she copies or tries to take credit of our work. "Mom, that was mine!" "Yes Shona, give it back to him.." and that's how the trait of protecting our creation is instilled in us.

Through school-life this trait amplifies, and I remember we had a hell lot of fights, whenever some issue of plagiarizing came up. Then comes the time when we are to appear for those 'glamorous' competitive exams, and we actually protect our 'secrets' from others. "Ooh! That trick of finding the roots of the equation, saves me two steps and a hell lot of time, this will totally give me an edge over others. Hee Hee!" and we succeed to a large extent, unaware of the fact that how 'unsocial' it was on our part to not share our ideas and maybe, help that weak friend of ours to pass the exam...well, maturity comes over time so, let's not blame ourselves much.

Then comes the time of our lives-college. A revamp of our characteristics, for good, happens. We are actually alone in the world and the only link come in the form of seniors. We ask for assistance, and are aided as we expect. 

So what really made them change the trait, of protecting their ideas?  I think I know the answer~ which was consolidated when I was preparing for my seminar today, and found a slideshow on my topic, from the web.

 To my amazement, I was scrolling the very same slides which I had procured from my seniors the other day! Only the name, the template and the bullets in the slideshow were different. Hell, even that typo in the 17th slide was same in both! 

So that's when it struck me, we are actually contributing and stealing ideas at the same time. Even the biggest inventions have some aspect of stolen idea in them. So why is it wrong to copy ideas? Simple. Deep down, that trait wants it to be protected. But this question will never be answered well so, let's not discuss it much.

Anyways coming back, I will continue this legacy and, as I prepare for my presentation for the coming week, I will be extra-clever and will take care of all the typos that are there in the slides. Then one day, a junior will come to me for the presentation and I will gladly 'share' my slides, then he will go back and find out the slide on the internet and will blog about it.....and the legacy lives on...! 

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