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Beyond Tricolour-Pic-Sharing and Deshbhakti-Song-Playing

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I sometimes ask myself: What is the true meaning of a celebration? Is it just for the sake of remembrance, not to forget the significant event, or just to celebrate to have a good time with your friends and family, accompanied with the act of getting soaked in the spirit of the event?

64 years ago, our country attained freedom,from the grasp of centuries-old British Rule. Now as far as my history-knowledge goes, there had been an attempt done to attain freedom almost a century before 1947 too...but with all the rebellion and determination-the then leaders of the movement(Mangal Pandey, Rani  Lakshmibai, and many other valiant leaders) perhaps lacked one thing-what to do after the attainment of freedom? How to make our country move forward as a free nation-perhaps a little more had to be done on that aspect. 
Then came 1947-determination, confidence were mixed with tremendous amount of anticipation-our leaders this time knew what exactly were needed to be done-and thus they succeeded in attaining something that was very  impossible at that time , and which we presently enjoy for no price. Of course the people of India had to face difficult situations that time-partition,riots etc., and they really did not get to celebrate the new India, but they knew one thing:the generations to come will have a sound sleep and observe this day as a day of great significance, a day devoted to  patriotism, and a day of planning and organizing thoughts to make our motherland proud and prosperous-the Golden Sparrow Model.

But after 64 years, I ask myself and all Indians reading this: How do you think has our country progressed? We progressed very well, but at what cost? Why did those unnecessary evils tag along? How to prepare ourselves to make our country free of these evils?
For the past few years, Independence Day follows a great routine:
Waking up, wishing friends and family 'A Happy Independence Day', then perhaps going to the nearby society ground to observe flag-hoisting, or attending a similar patriotic event in an even bigger gathering,after that listening to patriotic songs all day long, updating statuses and profile pic on Facebook, DD-1 darshan, and as the night follows, maybe some avid discussion on what is wrong with our society and system, with seldom discussing over how to improve them, and then, slumber, a deep, satisfied one.

I woke up late today, missed the flag-hoisting for the first time in my life, but somehow I found my thoughts have become clearer on some issues, the biggest one revolving is Anna Hazare's initiative against corruption and the whole country in support of it. Discussion followed this time also, but with people who are really concerned about the scenario-to uproot the evil known as corruption. All will observe that nobody dares to speak up that he/she has also been a part of corruption-not as a sufferer but as a participant!Jokes apart, its fine as long as you are clean enough to take up the initiative. 
Also, I missed to take bath today-and since there is no water in the hostel-tanks, I really missed it for the day. 
But suddenly, it started raining, and we all hostel-mates went out to have our fair share of rain, and suddenly it crossed my mind-isn't this the true meaning of freedom? Tasting the sweet water-droplets, getting drenched in the rain completely, hurling mud and dirt to each other whilst slipping once or twice and grinning foolishly, freedom never tasted better..

After decades, we are finally having some good reasons to rejoice our freedom. Anna Hazare has showed us the way. It is not really necessary that we too go on an indefinite fast or do something similar, but ask yourself once-what can I do , sitting in my room , or lazing around? Yes we all must ask ourselves the same question-because questioning yourself sometimes brings the best answer possible. We all are mature enough to be aware of what is going on around us, mature enough to share videos and posts to showcase the evils of our society, mature enough to complain and curse our system all the time-so why don't we all try-just a small bit of  contribution-to ensure our nation is freed once again? That our people are liberated of the shackles of these evils? That the generations to come will get another big reason to celebrate the Independence Day and remember forever what their forefathers did?

This Independence Day, let us all take a pledge-no more of unnecessary complaining-its a FREE country, and so, no one can stop us from taking the cleaning mop in our hands. Let us instill a determination that this evil will be eradicated by us only, because we don't run away from our houses permanently, if there is a pest-attack.Let us vow that no matter how busy we become, how bad and dividing the upcoming events be, we will stand together-unified, determined, for another glory-for our motherland-the Golden Sparrow Model.

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