Thursday, August 11, 2011

Be Poetic Sometimes! It Helps!

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                     When the fall led to a greater rise...

"Its more to seek",
the thought that came , when the news-fateful reached.
"What's the point now?" is what crossed my mind,
the agglomerate of ambitions and aspirations , now to be left behind...

Aimless, I roamed, worst than an arrow in darkness,

where would I end down, under complete starkness...

And that 's when it struck:

what if, I gave a new facet, to my trials?
what if I , perhaps improvised?
I got nothing to give away , if not the gloom abrogating.

My eyes gleamed , with definite optimism,

my head cleared, I found a reason to persevere,
to perspire for...

Maybe a second chance was what I sought,

for this was absolving me of the desolation...
That yes! this is the element, the road
to my success, evangelist myself...!

Thus followed efforts , never seen before,

because of the things , I knew now:
I knew how it feels ,to fall,
I knew what it takes , to rise again!

Then, isn't this my achievement, the grandest?

isn't this, what people call, true rise, the greatest?

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