Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Movie-Review: Not a Love Story

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               RGV improves somewhat- but fails in the greater perspective
It took 20-something cameras, and 20-something 'high' camera-men(maybe interns under RGV) to make this movie. Yes, the camera-positions are so weird, that it makes the viewer dizzy. And I do not understand, why is the theme always the same-frightening, thrilling-for every scene? Whether it is a romantic sequence, or the serious murder one?

Plot-wise: Unwise plot. Nothing much to predict, except that the ending was bizarre as it was way too digressed.

Performance-wise: Mahi Gill scores, and the best performer was the inspector- liked his expressions, and the mole was apt!
Bottom-line: do you need any? A one-time watch movie, that too if you want to see excessive frame-dancing.
Seriously RGV, you are trying too hard. Miss those Sarkar ,Company and Satya days...

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