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Book Review: Ouch! That 'Hearts' Harsh Snehanshu

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RATING: ♦♦♦♦/5
Humorous, sarcastic-marvel,pacy, builds up the expectations and lives to the hype-A perfect way to spend the weekend.

When I started reading "Oops!.." I had this slight feeling that this might as well turn out to be another college love story, following the cliché and everything required to make up a spicy plot. Midway the first chapter, I was mistaken. The reason being: the writer's ability to demolish every prejudice associated to a love story by a reader. The humor was slapstick and amusing, the emotions well spun, the plot was kept as tight as possible, and to top all, it was refreshing! Yes it had its reasons to be a best-seller. And thus,it  promised another series of restlessness before the sequel(s) came out.(I am not stressing the 's' following the sequel!)

And it came out good, real good!

Its very uncommon of me to buy the first edition of a novel(I would generally obtain the 'leaked' pdf version), but considering that I was following the story,( and the author as well!), I knew I had to order the book as soon as possible and scroll through till I reach the end, or as I shall quote: "A story shall never end, it should always begin"

So it was another joyride, fun-filled, and as I said already, real pacy. The highpoint of the novel is that it creates a humor out of those "Hey-this-has-happened-to-me-too" situations,yet it manages to make you giggle foolishly, or sometimes, laughing uncontrollably!
The humor quotient of the franchise has definitely gone up, and it was not at all exaggerated! Full marks to the author! The way he presented us the humor will actually inspire amateurs to write and of course-be sarcastic!

Which brings me to the next highpoint of the book: yes the presentation. You never feel like going back one sentence or a paragraph to get what is being currently said-it goes down quite easily. The author has taken great measures to ensure that whenever there is a possibility that the reader might start getting bored,he smartly twisted and redesigned the scene. This is actually very rare quality to possess when it comes to new authors(the ones I have read till date). Also the fact that the supporting characters were given proper space, although I felt that they were left out, many a times, unlike the first book where each of the characters had interesting incidents to share. But then again, this is Kanav-Tanya's love story right? So it had to be that way.

Plot-wise, I felt that a little less was there this time, rather than the first book which had many things happening in the life of our protagonist and the ones surrounding him. But I felt at many points that this was important considering that the author did not want to drift away much, but to focus primarily on the love story.So in a way, he had his thoughts more organized this time, and this is what I believe many readers would agree with.Also, I felt Ruchi could do with a little more presence than given(I really appreciate Harsh to frame such an interesting,cheerful character).

On an ending note, I state that I do not wish to give away much,but I would like to highlight a few instances: 1. Guide to Galaxy Aphrodisia(Sarcasm-guru),2. The Muffin Joke(Enjoyed it),3. Tanya-Kanav's chat sessions(impeccable timing!),4.The Last Chapter(Emotionally got connected to it).
So now, for those who did not read it yet, I gave them 4 more reasons to go buy it! And Harsh Snehanshu, frankly speaking,I  don't know about others, but you surely are an inspiration to me when it comes to writing, and believe me, now, I dream that I too would write a book or two someday....
"The next one, the next time."

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