Friday, June 21, 2013

The Untitled Prose part- 2: Amalgamation

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(...continued from part-1)

I find the reasons that guide me here,

in this world, darkened with wrong,
you are the answers to the prayers of mine,
you are the reason the tears will dry.

When the time is scarce, fast and moving,

the window of opportunities, shrinking,
a streak of survival seizes me,
and only that one face I seek divine.

The separation settles the terms of slaughter,

the emotions that frame this mind,
a lonely heart longs for that familiarity,
the hope the dreams that were never blind.

For once the poet feels he is wrong,

the answers he seeks are not to arrive,
instead he amalgamates to her warmth,
their senses, latched and entwined..

(to be continued...)


  1. Nicely done...but needs more continuity....just string in a thought throughout the paragraphs....

    1. Thank you , will keep that in mind the next time. :)

    2. For a first or second or third attempt, this is really nice. It has emotions, format, flow and that is poetry :D

  2. Ah such a lovely prose :) .. waiting for the rest part :)

  3. Nice one :) Simple choice of words, but like someone pointed out above, needs a bit of continuity


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