Sunday, June 2, 2013

Micro Fiction- The Gift

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[This was originally submitted as an entry for @islejazz's micro-fiction collection for the theme- Choices. Check out all the entries of the collection here]

"The red one or the green one?" Sam was finding it difficult to choose. He came with his mother to the supermarket , and had saved two weeks of his pocket money for this. He wanted to gift a diary for Gina, the girl in Sam's "study-group"- as he had proudly announced after coming back from school one day. "Yes Ma, Miss Skitters had asked us all to form study-groups to learn team-work!" he had exclaimed.Gina , the smartest girl in Sam's class would often drop by and help Sam with the art n craft assignments. Sam felt glad about it. He loved her handwriting and tried to imitate the same.

"It's getting late Sam!"
"I don't know mom, she likes green, but once she had told me that red is a very cute color!!" Sam was having a real hard time.
"Hey buddy!" he saw his dad, returning from work and taking a detour to join them. "Sammy is having  a tough time choosing a diary for his friend Gina" his mother chirped,stressing on the word 'friend'.
"Well I tell you what, take the red one."
"But Dad, how can you be so sure?"
"Trust me bud. Go for it!"
Sam reached for his pocket for the cash, when his Dad stopped him. "How about we did something with that later? This one's on me." he smiled at his son. "Awesome!!" Sam was elated. He ran towards the toy-zone. His parents exchanged glances.
"Red..remember this, Anna?"
"Our first date, and the exact same difficulty to choose. When you had philosophized  it, saying 'Green means envy, so I'd go for red instead!' hah!"
"Well you still remember that?!!"
"Yes, I do."
They smiled at each other, and started walking towards the toy-zone.


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