Monday, July 16, 2012

Thoughts, ugh.

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I won't listen.I won't study. I won't start.  And I won't edit this post before posting it.

I don't know on whose ideals I have been riding on so far, nor do I wish to. I might be breaking the glass ceiling above my head or maybe  I might just take a huge fall downwards. I have options. I have advantages. I am not really doing anything to secure myself something great right now.

Yes, the time of my life is here. Fortunately with an un- as the prefix possibly, I am trying a lot, to figure out where do I really belong- shall I stick to my technical stream or simply move ahead and switch to the something that will help me with my plans for a clichéd MBA dream? What should I really aim for? Why should I try? Where could I fail? Why should I succeed? Why so many questions? What is the term used for the fresh odor that comes from the soil after rainfall? Who let the dogs out? 

Honestly speaking, the brain is complex. Our ability to recall is mostly a wistful bane. Bane reminds me of The Dark Knight Rises. In fact, everything now reminds me of The Dark Knight Rises. I must catch it first day first show- what I have been saying to myself since last year- what if I miss it? I don't know why should I even ask.

Books when I got them with me to study in vacations, still snigger when I look at them. Needless to say that the 1000-page thick Cormen is being used by me as a laptop base when I hog on to the social network late at night. I am doing some work- yes, I DO have an EXCUSE! 

Become a Placement Coordinator they said. It would be fun they said

Trust me, as an SPC , I have learned a lot , a lot which I can only share if you catch up with me in person. I have been successful, I have failed. With a partner in the team from the IT department, the fate of 166 students lies on our shoulderrors. Some goals I had set for myself that would reflect on the statistics when they print out the Placement Brochure of 2012-13 batch next year. I want the average package of the batch to shoot up from last year, I want to see those 166 brainiacs (counting myself and the Himanshu Mantri ze IT SPC ) get placed the fastest among all the branches- I want to see some new organizations to visit the campus. Yes it would be fun they said. 

While typing 'visit' I had initially hit 'c'  so I wrote cis--, which reminded me that I am yet to contact Cisco- thus the hallucinating engineer that is me. Find my thoughts cluttered much whatever you read so far? Yes, that is how things are 'organized' in my head, deal with it. And I need a name for the soundtrack that is stuck in my head the movie of which I am unable to recall. Total Recall will release on 3rd August. 

I love her, and I miss her. 

Flushed in my blog, my thoughts , my emotions. I found a place for someone in my heart- that is one good thing that has happened in the past few weeks-among many other things. I have support of my peers, my parents for my work, most importantly, I have her support, I have read a lot many novels to amaze myself how well my reading speed has improved. Yes I love her very much- those late night chats, the thought of being loved back-- yes flipside has a flipside too.  And Flipkart is doing a great job with their logistics. 

And I need a new wrist watch. 

The clogged head. The humor quotient hitting new lows. Maybe I should expect less from myself. Maybe this is altogether natural. But if you too are a fellow final yr-ite my friend,  I know how you too are dying to watch The Dark Knight Rises the first day itself. Joking, I know that you are psyched too. So let's face it, I don't know what will happen, but whatever does, never regret your decisions. And also, I am confused as to how I must finish this post. 

I am feeling better now, though.


  1. So many thoughts in your tiny little head ;-)

  2. Good one! I can recall those times when I was halfway through :)

  3. Bro, I have seen you evolved atleast as a good tweep, & I too feel you would be doing the same way in all aspects of your life, best wishes from my side :) anyways, serious talks apart woh "who let the dogs out?" punch line tha :D

  4. hehe that means a lot bro, thank you and same wishes goes for you as well. :) And yes, it was indeed a punchline. :D

  5. Dude, you better watch TDKR and then edit this post, you are in a trance.


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