Friday, December 30, 2011

Here comes 2012!

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Now why on earth would I start writing a post on 2012? Simple. It popped in my mind that while the world will be busy celebrating the New Year's eve, I could easily scribble and ramble some of my random thoughts related to the approaching doomsday year.

What good would 2012 do to me ? What do I expect ?

Individually, I would be in my final year and will be moving around the campus grounds, wearing black and white formals, hoping for corporate and tech giants to take me in. I would finally be able to post those fancy status messages I have seen my seniors post on Facebook, right from the beginning of the my college life- "Got selected in__!" "Yes, ___ it is!" and the likewise, with getting over a 100 likes for my new-found success or call it, new-found journey to struggle for survival. Anyways, there is still a semester to go before I start planning all this so, I won't crib much right now.

I would also get to celebrate my leap year birthday while being in the college. Yes  I am a leap year boy and this will be my 5th leap year birthday. A prodigy am I not?!

I will also get a rare opportunity to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of my college. I mean, this is something one really looks forward to. The college authorities are promising a year-long celebration and I would very much like to be a part of each event.

As an Indian, I might finally see many promising development like a strong Lokpal Bill(won't go to the debate as I am always an optimist and know that we will soon get what we stood for). Maybe I get a glimpse of Jaipur Metro before I graduate.I had many other points in my mind while i started to write this but as you can see above, I was so lost in bragging my prospects as an individual that I forgot most of the points.

As a movie fanatic, I will be treated with a  pile of big releases this year-better than last year. From the legacy of the Lord of The Rings to the End of the Legend of the Nolanian version of Batman; from a remake of a cult BigB classic  to a reboot of the classic Spiderman series, I just hope I don't spoil my studies as a final year student.

And as I discuss the points of hope, joy, and expectations I have from the new year, let me also discuss the big epic internet as well as real world question which will surely see huge speculations and media channels like News-Channel-That-Is-Shittier-Than-The Best Performance-You-Flushed-Down-The-toilet (read India TV) make a fortune, that is- 'Will The World End?' Even I don't have an answer to this, but seeing the revolutions in various parts of the world and people like Osama and Gaddafi going down, and people paving a way to a brighter and better future, I think we are doing just fine and hence, nature will not be that rude to just go and end the story!

One thing I know is: If! Yes, if this happens, and the date gets confirmed, I will try my best to do everything in my life that I was looking forward to doing, in my next 10 years. I would try to be with my relatives and people close to me, and I will definitely do all those things I had been planning to do to teach my college admin a lesson since the first year of my college(I am serious). I know all these things will make me live the ME GUSTA  moments!

In conclusion, whether the world ends or not, whether you fail to live up to your own expectations or not, always ensure you live life to the fullest and make every moment worthwhile.

 And yes, no new year resolutions please. 2011 made me realise why not to make a new year resolution(I resolved to maintain a diary that eventually lasted 34 days) and 2012 is THE year of the millennium so, party hard, stay in control, try everything, relish and of course, sleep well(I guess if you made it till this part of the blog, you feel sleepy already. Yeah well,no need to thank me).

Happy New Year!

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