Saturday, December 3, 2011

The my name

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Poetry, they say, makes your emotions come out and take shape...
To me, this is more than that. I enjoy writing poems, trying to make rhyme scheme(as if it were some sort of logical problem!) and reading them, on completion.
The certainty and the feeling of completeness is what poetry is all about. A song. A prose. A bad attempt. A legendary one. But never a grift. And for this reason, people should practice poetry...

The days of sorrow.
The wrath of haters.
As there will be another tomorrow.
Maybe some apologetic letters?

All those hatred, you are holding back.
All the memories of unhappiness.
Sensibility is what the unwise lack.
Then why make your life a mess?

Your life is yours to live.
No one can take the joy  away.
Well wishers are rare, others, unwilling to give.
Hence, don't throw it in utter disarray.

The quality in yourself.
It is good when you know your limitations.
Cherish what you earned, maybe take a page from the book in the memory-shelf?
You will find, for every problem you faced, you had the best possible solutions!

Something impossible.
You should surprise people.
In a better way, make your work lovable.
No takers you will find for a  trifle.

You get limited opportunities for that.
Doesn't matter how less successful you are.
Because only on your shoulders, that bird of aspirations sat,
 You taught her to fly,and look how she flew so far....!

The poetry in my name, an attempt, to try out something new and different, using the known rules of poetry. Do let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks for reading.


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