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Movie Review: 50/50

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 Rating: ♦♦♦.5/5
"Trying a cliché for a plot but succeeding in making a decent flick, 50/50 is all about introspection and livelihood"
I had not really planned on seeing this one previously, but what sparked interest was the rave reviews I got from my friends. Running for the Golden Globe, they say. It deserves to be.

Because it is very rare nowadays that you come across movies which doesn't contain any mushy love story- of people kissing under moonlight, running around hand-in-hand, staring at each other for a long time in the rain- but yet they manage to make you have that similar feeling, of being replete with emotions by the end.

What I liked about this movie is that it doesn't make you sympathize with the protagonist-a sincere person in life, who is diagnosed with cancer-rather, it makes you walk with him, feel alienated, feel grateful and realize, that life can not be that bad no matter what happens.

With a dash of humor to keep the movie from falling into that pit of boredom, director Jonathan Levine has done a memorable work with his cast, and ensured that every viewer understands the possibilities explored.There are people in the protagonists' life who let him down, there are people who stand by him, and there are some who are co-passengers in his journey- and in one way or other,everybody contributes.

Not really showing what movies with  such a theme usually offer(to start appreciating life alll of a sudden,like never before)-since our hero is already a realist-50/50 will make to my list of movies which have titles like The Social Network, The Prestige etc.

Performance-wise, I would  say that Joseph Gordon-Levitt knew what he had to show, and did justice to the role. I expect him to become one of the biggest actors of  the industry, in near future. He did not overdo things, and at the same time, did not make things paltry too. The right kind of expressions he had, I would say.
 Seth Rogen blends in well, as the quintessential  friend who stays with you during tough times, but again, he is  not like those typical sympathetic-he uses Levitt's medical condition to get girls-but by the end, he cares. I enjoyed  Anna Kendrick's presence, and would really love to see her play in more movies.

In short, a beautiful movie with  promise of some really good moments, 50/50 is a surprisingly strong contender for the 84th Annual Academy Awards(yes the nominations are yet to arrive but I am positive), and also, a nice weekend-watch.

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