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Sunil and his fetish for frame-less!

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We all are great...the world we live in is great...the people around us are great..the friends which enrich our social circle, are great...and perkiness, well, that's everywhere!

I narrowed down to 'friend circle', because that has everything to do with today's post.

Well, we all have friends, of all kinds...we have weirdos, we have showmen, we have hipsters, we have emo, we have the impulsive(wait, impulsive n emo, come under same category right?), we have the romantic, we have the talented, we have the chatterbox, we have the friend-who-is-always-seemingly-on-weed, and of course, we have, geeks, and lastly, we have friends who are a combination of all the aforementioned traits.

So I have this friend of mine, who is as geeky as me, but why I am focusing on him is because, there is something about him, which I want to share, in my creative way(I am not bragging, you will know how boring it is when you finish reading the post), with all my readers. No, I won't discuss love-stories, and I won't discuss other cliché stuffs. I am here, today, to chronicle his fetish, for, a very specific item-and that is, his frame-less-spectacles.

Now you will think, "Well this is what writing has come down to? Bloggers are blogging anything, as in, ANYTHING!!" but I assure you, I will try my best to make the read as entertaining as possible...and I know after finishing and publishing this article, my friend will be the first on whose wall I will share the link(now don't run away if you came here only because of me spamming your wall), so, a direct message to him, "Most of the following stuffs will be original, while some would to be fictional. So please don't sue me if you find something offensive or unpalatable."
So here it is, the story:

"6th! 6th one gone this year!" Sunil entered  the class, declaring as if something really important has abandoned  his life. Although we, his 'loyal' friends, knew already, what the matter was, but still, sometimes, one must listen to what the person has to say, else, confusions might arise.

"Yes so? What happened? Lost a pen or something?" I asked him. "No man, Nilesh broke my specs yesterday night!! That was the 6th frame-less specs I purchased this year" he said. "But you got it just a month back if I am not wrong? I mean, how could I possibly forget?" I said, and other people of the group joined in.

You see, the discussion was boring, but with your Prof. not coming to class, you will actually want to do anything that is less boring than just sitting idle.

"Ya man, how could you forget? Because YOU were the one who broke that 5th one!!" Sunil gave an expression that was neither accusing(he cannot, because all those 6 specs were broken mostly by us, in some way or other!) nor natural. "And also, the one before that!" I giggled. "Ya you should be fortunate that I settled for a burger and an ice-tea at McD." he said. "Saste mein saltaa diya"I wondered. And that too, thanks to some coupons I got from a website. Hostel life you see.

"By the way, how did Nilesh break it?" we all inquired. Nilesh was laughing all this while."Stop laughing! Your stint just cost me 450 bucks!" . "Okay-okay man, tell them what really happened!"Nilesh was still finding it hard to control his laughter.

"Well you see, we were hungry, and it was Maggi-time, so I asked Nilesh n Sudhir if they had some spare Maggi packets..." Ah! College life and the hardship of an engineer. Udhaari ki zindagi!
I wondered.

" we all managed to get 3 packs of Maggi, and started cooking..." "Abe rasoiye, we don't want to hear your cooking, and then your smooching, and then your love-making, and then your..." shouted someone untraceable, in the group, although we were pretty sure it was the slapstick Pankaj who, naturally, to save himself, would say, "Abe kisne bola be?!! Kaun hai, saamne aa!!".

"Yaar you people always keep digressing from the central topic to all your bullshit!"Sunil was getting restless.
"Okay-okay everyone, please pay attention to what he says...Bichaare ka Dil, I mean, chashmaa toota hai" Vinay, the class-neta announced as if this was another important announcement similar to staging a hunger-strike-support march for Anna Hazare.

"Haan toh Maggi banaate-banaate suddenly I remembered, that I don't have clean plates and spoons. Toh I told Nilesh to clean the utensils up, as it was his turn." Sunil was going on, less as a roommate, and more as a mommy-figure.

We were already exchanging glances,and seeing this, Sunil skipped the "cleaning" part and continued,"...and then, a quarrel followed. Nilesh said he did not agree to this, while Sudhir supported me that it was really Nilesh's turn."Sunil continued.

"And so, a fight started, and then Nilesh punched you in your face, and your chashmaa broke, right?"Ashish always reminds me of those advertisements by a famous biscuit-brand(20-20). "Yeah but that would have been natural be! There is a reason why I am laughing!" Nilesh was in splits.

"Shut up you a**!"Sunil continued. "Ya you guessed it right, it was getting to a fight, so I told Nilesh to wait, let me keep my specs aside, otherwise tu aise haath chala dega ke it might break.." he said.

"And then, masti-masti mein we started fighting, and..and...fight khatm bhi ho gayi.." he stopped.

"Then?" I asked, already yawning. "Then what, whilst talking to me, he was fondling the table on which he kept his specs, and a slight nudge, and his specs fell down on the ground, and it broke!" Nilesh wrapped it up, still laughing.

A brief pause.

"Achchha khatm ho gaya kya?" Pankaj broke the silence.

"You %$^&*%^%$#!!!! Subah-subah dimaag kharaab kar diya!!! Yeh koi story hai?!!" the whole group started shouting.

"Then why the hell do you always get a frame-less? I remember, I just tried slapping you on the cheek, and the slap landed on your specs instead, and there it was, your 5th one, in three pieces" I said. "Nahi yaar, I like frame-less"Sunil stated.

"But if you cannot maintain it then what is the point of buying frame-less? Get a half-framed like me?" I said. "I don't know man...Okay." Sunil said.

And as our classes continued, and we got busy in our regular nonchalant actions, I wondered, why is it that he always buys the same frame-less even if he keeps breaking it? Some sentiment attached? Or he just loves the design..

...Well, we will never really know the real reason behind this, but in the evening, Sunil was back-with the same, frame-less pair of spectacles, and as we all started betting money on how soon it would break, I wondered,oh madness! that surrounds an engineer-to-be, in his 4-yr. long college life!!!


  1. me bhi frameless use karta hu lekin itti jaldi nahi tutata use bolo lens unbreakable use kare :P

  2. frameless hamesha toot jata hai. cool geeky frame lene ka! B)


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