Thursday, October 6, 2011

Remembering Steve Jobs..

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I did not have much of a knowledge as to who Steve Jobs was, until two years back,when I started my college, and got a new laptop.
I started watching movies, like never before. I got assorted recommendations, huge lists, mostly from my seniors, and that's when I actually got the recommendation to watch a movie, titled: Pirates Of The Silicon Valley.

The title seemed interesting, and when I asked what is the fuss is all about, they replied, "You know it is the true story of how Microsoft and Apple came into existence. The stories of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs". I wondered, Bill Gates, who doesn't know him? But Steve Jobs, who is he?

And even today when I think of that moment, I laugh so hard! " Steve Jobs, who is he?" as if he was just another famous personality! But, going back to the day when I watched Pirates Of The Silicon Valley...I watched the movie, and understood many things about the work-policies of Apple and Microsoft in their initial days, which makes them what they are today. This only resulted in me taking deep interest on Steve Jobs, and I started scrambling whatever I could read from the net in a short span...from sites like Mashable, TechCrunch to famous blogs, I got to know quite a many things about Steve.

A pioneer of innovations, he always stressed on the creative edge that is, the quality of design of the products of Apple, the sharp, robust architecture-nothing could be compromised. There were times when Apple went downhill, and once again it was Steve who revived the stature of the company. Thrown out once, owing to his arrogance, he was to be brought back, more mature this time, scaling new heights.

I saw his famous Stanford Speech once-a truly inspirational piece. Amazing orator as he was, his instances, showcasing incidents from his own life, and what he learnt from them-were something which made me understand, how to introspect. 

I am not going to discuss the details of his advent, and his success story, his life with Apple-I believe anyone can look them up on the net anytime. All I did here was to express my thoughts as an engineer-to-be, on Steve Jobs, and  celebrate the life of a great persona, as a small thread, from my memory!

I am yet to own an Apple product, but I am sure that if people around the world gasp, scream and spend sleepless nights outside iStores every time a new Apple product is launched, then there has to be something special, really special about Apple, which upholds the vision of a great icon, who dreamed big, achieved big, but died too soon.....
...that bitten apple has lost his embalmer, but the tale lives forever...
RIP Steve Jobs (1955-2011) 

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