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Movie Review: The H.A.R.T. breaker(Ra.One)

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Rating: ♦♦/5

What word defines a movie, with, despite having numerous good opportunities, brings out, the maximum number of "Alas!" and "Seriously?!!" from the viewer? If there is none, then I would say that we propose "Ra.One" to be a collective noun for such movies.

They had money, they had appreciable CGI expertise, they had a few of the top-billed actors of the industry, and of course, they had King Khan....then what did not work out for the movie? The answer, perhaps, lies in the 'H.A.R.T.' of everyone who has watched the movie- the unnecessary masala, which always constitutes an SRK movie-but sadly, all those comic sequences, and all that masala, did not work, for Ra.One-not to mention the countless lift-up from movies like Iron Man, The Warrior Way, The Last Airbender  etc.

Being the self-tagged , most expensive Indian movie ever made, I think, I was, initially, getting into the groove of the movie, but thanks to some(actually many) sequences of the movie, everything was just, spoiled, for e.g., how can you expect the viewers to believe that a 12 yr. old, can work like a pro engineer, to revive a Hertz Advanced  ResonanceTransmitter(H.A.R.T.), which was almost reduced to ashes, in the previous sequence? And there are many such scenes which actually kill the even bleak mood that might be building up in course of watching the movie.I think I won't do injustice, if I compare this movie with Robot...because, the not only the CGI but the storyline of Robot was far better and the scenes were far too convincing than Ra.One.

It is just sad that a fine actor like Arjun Rampal was simply wasted, in the movie, by giving a screen presence of what,  20 mins?He makes an entry so late,and yet he delivers such panache with his role that if only he were given some more screen-presence, then maybe, he would have become the best super-villain, among the ones the Indian Film Industry has produced so far. Pointless.

 And oh-oh one more thing: Vishal-Shekhar's background score.....seriously guys, if you are daring enough to insert the cult "Eeeeedaaaaa-Eeeedaaa" scream by Pancham Da, in the serious and seemingly appreciable fight and chase sequences, then I would say just one thing: SRK, you did a grave, grave mistake by overlooking the work by your composer-duo, because, those scenes were , again, KILLED , thanks to the background score!

Okay I discussed the bad points of the movie, but let me highlight the good points too....don't worry it won't take long because there were only few good ones.
-Chhammak-chhallo and Criminal- dance numbers were a treat to watch.
-The amazing fight and chase sequences-only if you subtract the horrible background score.
-Arjun Rampal as Ra.One.

But I think that, if you hype a movie to this extent, then only 3 good points are not enough, especially when there are so many low-points the movie has to 'offer'.
In short, choose any movie which is a good comedy, even brainless comedy will spend your Diwali week....but alas! this is not Diwali 2010, when we had Golmaal-3 to suffice our appetite for a good time.


  1. Loved the review. I will add a few more things though, the film was full of cliches here and there, had a lot of NOT funny jokes, poorly done slapstick at many times, and most of all, the cheat code SHER which led to the downfall of Ra.One eventually (Burai Sang jo mel rachaya blah blah blah) was a big letdown. That really made me go WTF! SRK as G.One and Ra.One's Robotic face were cool. But not cool enough to keep me Glued to the seat. I was glad that it ended. Maybe the movie will be a big Hit, But will not reach audience H.A.R.T. for sure.


  2. nice review.. having read ur past reviews, won't say a very good one but still. its ur forte ! :) and i see i was the 500th visitor :P

  3. liked the way you've put up the review ... cools .. well, Robot is far better than Ra.One ...had the money spent in mktg of this movie been spent for some social cause, people would have loved that better ...


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