Thursday, June 24, 2021

Catherine Part 3

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They shut down the rear side gates of our school grounds yesterday. Apparently, there was some kind of an unnatural sighting in the evening after we left school. 

Some conspiracy theorists online are saying there has been some kind of unidentified sightings. Some trees have been felled. Some vehicles are missing. 

There was a power surge last night but I didn't notice it.

They are also saying that Catherine has disappeared.


"I live through you."

"You cannot."

"I do."

"It's a grand facade."

"It's all been the same, always."

"It's always been a grand facade for the past few decades."


"I wish I knew. We have been following instructions and nothing else. We had to create habitat replicas. Replicas that would be bubbles actually. These habitats would help us to live." 

"Why are you telling me this, Catherine?"

"Because you have seen through our bubble, Sam. You saw through Sanjay. Through me. I think you are someone we never thought could exist."

"There's a conflict in my head since I was born. A haze. But I have learned to live with it. What do you mean I am someone you never thought could exist?"

"I think you are one of us, but not quite."

"You mean.."

"I mean.. impossibly, your ancestry lies with us."

"What? And, Impossibly..?"

"Something had happened, where we come from. We cannot procreate. We cannot co-exist with a different kind. And yet.."

"My head hurts again."

"I'll come to you tomorrow. I'll go now. You be well, Sam."

"Catherine, I have so many questions.."


<to be continued>

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