Saturday, June 19, 2021

Catherine Part 2

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Something stops me from writing much today. 

I couldn't observe Catherine, my fascination almost seemed to be that of a stalker's. 

I couldn't think much today. My class participation was not so great.

What is happening to me?

Words aren't failing me but I am not finding the courage to write. I wanted to tell the world about some of the strange occurrences of the recent past.

I will try again tomorrow.

Catherine. We need to start the deployment. We are being watched.

Some thoughts are beginning to reveal a little. Catherine does well in the Geography classes. She is fond of minerals and rocks. E-309--

Hold on, I am unable to think again.

Catherine! The boy knows too much. We cannot hold him back for longer.



Catherine! We are losing him.

What is happening to me?


<to be continued>

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