Thursday, November 28, 2013

Time Travel to Childhood

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What if, we could time-travel to our childhood days?
Last night, I had a dream that I was granted a wish-  to be able go back to my childhood days. And I have been thinking ever since - What would I do if I could go back to that time? Would I fix certain things? Would I change a few things to make my life better?
And I have found my answer.
Nah. I would do neither of these.
My childhood was great in its own way. That growing up with the Potter books and countless mystery books, that playing of 8-bit games on TV and almost tearing off the cords of my console while trying to make Mario jump over a ditch, that coming back hone with unfinished lunch in my lunchbox and getting chided for the same, that reading of all the stories of the Hindi and  English  textbooks at the beginning of the session, that playing cricket for long hours under the scorching sun,  that collection of pokemon cards, collection of tazos- getting punished by the teacher if she found us playing pokemon  card games during the class, all of them, such good memories. I can add so many of these small but awesome things of my childhood but the most important part is that, it was awesome, in its own way.
So what if I could not always get what I wanted, so what if that teacher in 4th grade was partial to the other kid in class and gave him better grades than me, so what if I fought with a good friend of mine and we did not talk for 4 days after that, till we were ultimately made to take part in a 3-leg race (two of our legs would be tied) and we ended up tied at the first place, so what if I had so many embarrassing moments in front of my teachers, some strangers, girls, friends, etc, so what if I couldn't achieve many things that were expected of me.
I  realized, as I kept on thinking, that if only I knew as a child, that life is going to be so difficult and dynamic when I grow up, then perhaps I would have enjoyed my childhood even more.
And so, that is the only thing that I might do if I get a chance to time-travel to my childhood days- to tell the 9-year old myself to make the most of this life that he is living.


  1. Nice - write a letter to you 9 year self. I did that once. here -

  2. this is so warmly written, Soumya! lovely!

  3. This is different...I never thought about going back to my fact, I've loved my college life more (though I was in denial the first year)...class XI and XII were the only times I'd had fun... but college has always been the best part of my still is... I really liked this post ^_^

    Also, I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award.
    Do collect your award from here:

    1. Thanks a lot for reading and nominating me, Aniesha! :)


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