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Pizzas and Side-Orders!

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We all are pizza lovers. Except for a few who 'claim' not to be (but I can bet their asses that they too eat pizza secretly) , we just love pizzas. We enjoy having a session of discussion over a pan of pizza.We enjoy watching a movie while a hot box of sizzling pizza is delivered at our doorstep. And it gets better if someone else is paying the bill. The best thing about a pizza is that a pizza loves you back. The cheesy perfection entangling with the chunky satisfaction- that's pure love man, pure and eternal love.
"I am so gooey. Eat me, eat me!"
Anyway, the purpose of this post is to share with you a small anecdote that I experienced , and I am sure you all experience at all sorts of  pizza outlets, when you try to do something like this:

You place a side-order, that is not a pizza.

Now by side-order ,what I mean is that it could be a cake, a can of coke, or just a plain simple pack of garlic bread. But the order would amount to somewhere around 100-150 bucks usually.

The other day,  when I was getting home from work, I stopped by the local food-court. Yeah food-courts are available locally here. I was hungry but I remembered that I have some food cooked and stored at home. So I thought of taking a box of Taco Indiana (God bless the Mexicans) from a pizza outlet Mommyknows (disclaimer: any similarity of the name to any brand in real is just a mere coincidence and a figment of your imagination). And so , this is the conversation with the guy at the billing counter that followed:

"Hello Sir, would you like to place an order?"
No you blithering idiot I am just here for the view. "Of course!"
"Great! Let me take you through today's special combos we have Sir. blah blah blah--"
"..blah blah--"
"Hmm Hmm."
"..and , blah."
"So would you like to try one of these, Sir?"

"Err no, I would just want one Taco Indiana."

At this point, the counter guy looked up to me in a strange way.

"Anything else, Sir?"

"No thanks, this will do."

The guy kept batting his eyes and continued to stare at me in anticipation, a look mixed with apathy , angst and all those related a- words.

"Are you sure, Sir?"
"Yeah yeah."
"Would you like to order a pan pizza with this , Sir?"
"Err no that would be all."

He continued to fish. "We have this amazing offer Sir. If you take one medium pizza with this , you get a--"

"Nah not hungry really. Thanks. Could you please take the order?"
"Sure Sir."
*22 seconds later*
"Any soft-drinks , Sir? A coke, maybe?"
"No thanks, how much time will it take?"

The guy kept looking at me as if I have snatched his newly-bought smartphone and smashed it to the ground.

"A few minutes , Sir. "

*15 minutes later*

"Bill amount Rs 130, Sir."

"Thank you. Here you go."

I begin to take out the cash when he suddenly looks up.

"Would you like a carry-bag Sir?"

"No, I can take it in my backpack, thanks."

"Sir we have eco-friendly bags, just 5 rupees extra."

"Dude why the hell would I want to pay for a carry bag when I don't need one?!"

"Sir please calm down."
"Just give me my goddamn Taco and I will move!"

By this time, my appetite was dead. 

"Thank you Sir. Here you go."

He hands me the box. I begin to go towards the gate when he calls out:

"Sir your mobile number?"



  1. Classic case of impatient Indian customer. 1. He HAS to open with that line, that's what the company demands. 2. He HAS to up-sell.
    Yes, these incidents are very very irritating, and it's but natural to lose your calm. But we can either handle them firmly or complain to the Brand....a person doing his job is not a blithering idiot, it could have been his first day for all you know. This is my opinion, your's of course is written above. Use the brands real and name, and complain. Why don't you, a lot of us will bless you if you can have things changed :-)

  2. Damn! And all that while you had to stand there smelling the pizzas. :O :O :(


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