Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sleeping as a Job

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A year or two ago, I remember a newspaper article about a job that requires you to lie down and do nothing but eat and sleep . It was probably some experiment of sorts being conducted by NASA (?)  I think . But as I recalled it today, I began imagining, how life would be , if you have a job that requires you to do nothing but sleep. And based on the number of hours you sleep each day, you get paid. 

Think about it. Would it be lucrative ? I am sure it would sound lucrative if it is a temporary job. Hell it can be a part-time job alright, considering we sleep everyday for some hours. 

That part-time job can actually push us to sleep more. Because the greed to earn more would make us quit our habits of sleeping late at night. That means a healthier lifestyle, and a good life. Order gets restored in your life, and subsequently everywhere else in the world. Peace and tranquility. Ah.

Now consider it as a full-time job. You have to do nothing but sleep as much as possible. There could be constraints wherein you have to sleep at least 8-10 hours a day else you don't get paid. Now don't ask me why would someone hire you for a job like this, but just for a while , imagine the consequences. 

Slowly, you start disliking the fact that you have to sleep at least 8-10 hours a day. If there's a chip strapped around your neck ( equivalent to an ID card, tsk tsk) , it will prompt your supervisor as soon as you wake up. 

That means, on the days when you are unable to get some sleep , you don't get paid. You'd start cribbing, wishing for some flexibility in the policies of the job etc. 

You'd have to sleep mandatorily so you won't be getting time to go out and spend the money you're earning and enjoy some quality time with your friends. You cannot take much vacations because you have a responsibility , being an experienced guy who has been working in this job for some years now , and you have to plan your trips carefully. 

What happens consequently is that you start wishing you get some non-sleep hours, eg- you would wish if you could just work on a desk-job in front of a computer instead of sleeping your head off . 

I hope you see the point I tried to make. Drawing parallels is a beautiful thing *smirks*.


  1. Imagine if you're unwell and the doctor advises you to rest, do you still report to work?

  2. We want whatever the hell we want. Sometimes sleep sometimes work...sometimes nothing!!!
    Currently I want a job that requires sleeping...alone that is.


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