Sunday, June 1, 2014

Let's Slow Down

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It's been really long since I have blogged a post that allows me to connect to you, my dear readers, hear-to-heart and share some anecdotes of my daily life. Perhaps the appreciation and encouragement I am getting for my story-posts , from you all , is something that is keeping the 'Connect To Readers' section a bit dormant. Nevertheless, here I am , and I hope you read , enjoy and relate to this post as much as you can.

First of all, a really noisy , hulk-like , sincere, and loud THANK YOU to all of you, for giving my blog 55000+ views. The blog receives close to 2000 hits a month these days. And I am humbled. I know it is inclined towards a bit of a bragging (picks nose) but truly, your comments, feedback and words of motivation just keeps me going, on and on, trying new , bold ideas to write on.

Now getting straight to the point (yeah I am Dr Digress). A lot has happened and changed in my life. For bad, for good, I can let the world do the judging. But I have learned a lot. Life is not an easy summit to scale you know, but every checkpoint you reach, every flag you hoist, you are bound to feel accomplished. A toast to that feeling of accomplishment. And for this very reason, I believe, we need to slow down a bit.

Let's spend more time on those seemingly insignificant things which are good but we somehow manage to take them for granted. Let's allow ourselves to experience longer the goosebumps we feel when we come across a splendid twist in our favorite tv show, let's allow the effort put by the people behind that outcome to sink in . Let's read more, let's not think much of the future because our third eye can have cataract without us knowing it. Let's travel , let's explore this beautiful country we live in. Let's unite for a better nation. Let's set aside some time to call our friends with whom we used to have those endless LAN gaming sessions. Let's do the unimaginable-eg  by dropping a mail to the most hated person of our department and acknowledging the fact that we do understand why they used to be the way they used to be- so that we stay prepared and put in these early stages of our career ( my college mates will get the reference!) . Let's just , try to slow down.

I believe in creativity. I feel that this is something that can make you feel accomplished at the darkest times. So do yourself a favor- write a story, a poem. Draw something, maybe doodle the face of the person you hate the most at workplace! Cook a really difficult dish- it will be your creation even if it tastes awful! For I believe that you can let yourself loose at times, and can see yourself home creating something beautiful , wonderful,  and delectable!

Ideas, they are everywhere. With so much potential inside ourselves, we can pick up something right out of thin air, and let it flow and materialize. It doesn't need to be something hard-and-fast, but it can be a betterment to something that's already in place! Identify the ideas . Let them give you some sleepless nights. And create something amazing. A game-changer. A name. A brand.

And lastly, while we are talking so much about the positivism that surrounds us, let's not forget to introspect. Let's ask ourselves some difficult questions- can we find some answers to them? Let's try , bit-by-bit , to improve ourselves. Let's make those thoughts count. Let's see a new person in ourselves, someone who learns. Everyday.

And oh, never skip breakfast in the morning. I know the post is ending on a random note but Psyduck is our King ! Heh heh.


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