Friday, May 24, 2013

Micro Fiction: Why?

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[This was originally submitted as an entry for @islejazz's micro-fiction collection for the theme- Ego]

He looked out of the window. The sun was rising. Through the recesses of the the clouds, it was slowly brightening up the sky, shooting darkness out of sight. He lit a cigarette. "Why?" a voice rang up. "Because it is none of your business!" he chided.

The chirping of birds outside reminded him of the good times. The love of his life now lived thousands of miles apart,with mere phone calls at their disposal. He knew it won't be easy, temptations being everywhere around him;and she was devoted to him, yet the idea of freedom is only so beautiful that no one can really let go of it so easily. Hence, fights became regular, indispensable, irreparable..

Last night was just another usual conversation. He could not agree to her explanations, and she could not take in his accusations. "I hate you!" her voice shrieked through the phone. "Same here! Goodbye!" he barked and banged the phone down. His thoughts were clouded. She too felt the same, he knew. Yet neither of them would apologize to the other person. The next day would start with a reboot of their conversations, and would probably end up in the similar way as it did last night. He sighed as he thought of the past, when ego was just not there when it came to their relationship. They were thick in love, regretted even the slightest of spat and would resolve a small quarrel with such passion.

"Why?" the voice rang up in his head, once again. This time, it sounded like hers. Or perhaps it was the nicotine that made him feel that way.
"Why?" it asked again.
"Because I LOVE YOU!" he yelled, throwing the cigarette away, curling up to a fetal posture, weeping discreetly.
"..a lot.."


  1. Alas! The incoherent thoughts and lack of physical contact makes people react too soon towards conditions they have to handle maturely.Long distance isn't in everyones forte but yes love is and a lot of it :)

    Loved the way it flowed..and i guess this is my first time reading a micro fiction.I like it :)

    1. This one is actually part-fiction part-true story. ;) Glad you liked it. :)

  2. Replies
    1. ThankQ Laddoo! Your entry was even more amazing. :)


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