Tuesday, May 28, 2013


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My first attempt to write a drabble- a piece of fiction of 100 words.

He was restless. She stood just a few meters away. "Go!" a voice in his head commanded him. He threw the wrapper of his choco-bar in haste, chomped it, and ran towards her. She looked at him and smiled. He was full of joy as he extended his right arm to say hello to her. And amid all the excitement , he stepped on a banana peel.




He was on top of her. They were the center of attention of the whole canteen now. The 'Keep Your Canteen Clean' poster was blazing in red on a wall nearby.


  1. This is very nice :D I WANT MORE !

  2. Bhokali.... Khoob bhaalo... awesome hai yaar =P ladke ki toh nikal padi... bechari ladki... and btw... uss chocobar ka kya hua??
    Did that get sploshed over the girl's face :P That would have been one awesome awkward moment na !! :D

    1. Chocobar ko usne chomp kar liya thha na! :D Thanks thanks! ;)


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