Sunday, February 3, 2013

Guess who? o_o

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Introducing the first guest post by one of the awesome bloggers who has her patent sense of humor and eerily mistimed smileys! Please welcome, an 'obedient' junior, a friend and a funny tweep-Shriti!

Hello there. First of all, I am not the awesome owner of this blog. Yes, I am not Soumya, I am Shriti aka Zugambi, the weird junior(Nice to meet you)! o: He is my senior. And I have hacked his blog! c': Mwhahahahaha. Just Kidding. o.o

I am here to write a guest post. *does the Gangnam Style* I don't think I need to tell you all about his epic-ness but I will. So let me start with what I think of him. He is one of my favorite people! He is the most coolest and smartest bong. His sense of humor is epic. His blog posts are epic. His reviews are epic. His tweets are epic and his puns are epic and hence HE IS EPIC! c':

I am not gonna lie. He is truly one of those few people who can make you smile and laugh in your saddest day. I am glad I found him on twitter. Well, I am not someone who is talkative. o_o I can't always say what I  want to say. And I am forgetting what I was going to say. But let's stop with emotional stuff. :P

Time for secrets! He is a Bong Pikachu and I am a Bong Pikachu too. And you know what? That makes us Bong Pikachu Brothers!! :O And I am writing this post because he told me that he'd give me dahi vada and chocolates!! c': Mwahahahaha. o_o 

Okay, I'll stop now 'cause I don't know what else to say. I hope you like this post senior. Bye bye. But like it or not. You'll have to send the chocolates and dahi vada anyways! 

Liked it? Well I surely did! *gheghe* Well the blog really needed a good laugh for the weekend so I hope this solves the purpose.

To get featured as a guest author in my blog, mail me at with a link of your blog and a blurb of what you intend to post.Aikaraaammbaa!

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