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Book Review: My EX Fell In Love

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A definitely pleasing variant in the sea of clichéd college love stories, that departs mid-way for good to come back real strong in the end!

To read a book written by your good ol' friend, is a difficult task- you get sceptical at every turn of the page- what if it ends up disappointing you? What will you tell him then? what if it completely destroys the image of the budding author that you saw in him?
To review a book written by your good ol' friend? Whoa whoa whoa...that takes courage . Trust me, you are walking on a double-edged sword- you cannot let your friend down whilst keeping in mind that your allegiance with your readers should stay true which means, you must give an honest review.

Actually, this whole episode of reading, followed by reviewing, has come to me as a transition. I understand the responsibility of a blogger now. I realize how easy it is to sail the waves of fiction, and how difficult it is to   cross the dark tunnel of reality.

So, not wasting your time any more, I let you read on, my review on Shubham Choudhary's: My EX Fell In Love:

A story becomes a good story once you see the effort. A story becomes a great story when you see the effort and the imagination. A story should however, stay a story to which you can really relate to, because the tinge of happiness it leaves in the end , is what you call, unmatchable. This story is one such story.

The characters are well thought of; Yatharth is one such protagonist which is not someone you would normally find in college fiction these days. He is a over-achieving jerk, not an introvert mute. He knows what he is doing and should do in order to achieve what he wants to. And so when shit happens, it stinks king-size!

Yatharth, together with his friends Sudeep and Vikalp, are here to make you indulge in incidents you ought to have encountered in your life in some way or the other. They are smartest but they can be the blondest, they are jerks but they can be modest, but they are bearable and, of course, 'palatable'.

Among the trio, I enjoyed Vikalp the most. This guy would never stop with his lame humor and would keep the spirit of his friends high, even though he himself is in a sticky situation. To be honest, I was looking forward to get to know more of him whenever a new chapter came by; his character development is ten-on-ten!

Other characters, like Yatharth's Dad, his friend Pratishtha were enjoyable. Sanchita, the EX and Samantha, the EX's friend appeared good in pages.  Yatharth's dad was more of a utopian character cast out completely from the author's brighter imagination, while I would have loved to know more of Pratishtha and her ongoings in life. Halfway through the book you would predict something related to her and...err...well , read to find out exactly what I am talking about *winks*!

 Plotwise, it is a rather simple plot but a fresh one, which is not really something where the protagonist falls in love and the whole universe gets on to help him reach his destination. Yes the small twists in the tale is something I was really missing in the college fiction I read recently. The side-plots, Yatharth's research work and his misfortunes with it are a fun to read. I really enjoyed the side-effects of drinking that savages his work. Small joys in the form of funny instances sprinkled here and there really keeps the book far away from being a drag.

The premises were a little easily let off. The locales mentioned were a little too fictitious and most importantly, at times I was missing the setup and a brief description of the surroundings that usually sets the mood for the upcoming plot-scene. But that's passable if you are not critical about a debut novelist.

Also, the names of the chapters were revealing what's ahead, so I'd suggest you ask someone to hide the chapter names with  black tapes before starting the novel!

My personal favorite instances: Yatharth walking out of a discussion, and coming back briefly-to ask the brand of a jacket worn by Vikalp he liked-only to walk out again; Yatharth and the foreign Physicist's telephonic conversation; Yatharth and Sudeep confessing to their families about boozing; Vikalp and Sudeep's stalling the EX's lover-- and many more in bits and pieces.

Final verdict: An honest attempt in the form of his first published novel, Shubham Choudhary holds the potential to take the transit route from being a popular blogger to a celebrated novelist , quite easily. And I can have faith on him to release his next as soon as possible with another fun-filled story like his first. Yes, with the simplicity and the humor, My EX Fell In Love is all about life- the topsy-turvy joyride and the final outcome that is nevertheless, rewarding.

Rating: ♦♦♦♦/5

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  1. Thanks a lot man.
    This review clearly tells me what i did well and where i need to improve. I am glad i could get a totally unbiased one for i was worried our friendship might interfere with your opinion, as clearly stated by you.


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