Monday, October 15, 2012

Run Nosey Run!

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O gravity, I bow to thee,
I acknowledge your power, please spare me.
But why would you  listen,you son-of-a-gun!
As my nose keeps running, run nosey run!

I am a shooter, using my nose,
I spray liquid, so quickly I dispose!
I keep shooting, can this be undone?
As my nose keeps running, run nosey run!

Desperately I pop pills, because I am a fool,
"This is a conspiracy!"I wonder,as I lay on a mucus pool,
They haunt me,those scoops of ice-cream,I had under the sun,
As my nose keeps running,run nosey run!

I am reminded,of my childhood days,
When I would swear "I would be a good boy, come what may,
I won't  drink too much of cold water or have too much of ice-cream,
Don't take me to the doctor, lest I would scream!
Please don't scold me any further, Mother,I will be a good son"
As my nose keeps running, run nosey run!

And finally:

Inspired from the movie "Forrest Gump"
which had the famous quote, "Run Forrest Run",
as I fail to understand, if there was any pun,
My nose keeps running, run nosey run!


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  1. hahaha.. terrible story, good poem :P :D story of my life :D


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