Thursday, June 21, 2012

Being Thursday!

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I said, HELLO!

Well, I thought it mellowed down so-- anyways, what's up? I am finally here you guys, can you see me? Missed me? Cribbed about me? Felt glad about me? Anything?! Anyone?! DRATS!

This is me- Thursday-named after that mighty God who is sadly getting punched in the face nowadays by a green giant.
I have something to do with Jupiter-yes, the biggest of all the planets in the solar system you see. But this is the irony of my life- I am associated with the mightiest, yet I am finding no identity among the rest of the daydes (days+dude)! Not even those pig-heads of twitter commemorate my presence! Life is sad.
This funny pic has no connection with the post whatsoever. Yeah whatcha gonna do 'bout it?! 

But I am pissed. I am angry. And I will tell you why. Look at all the other days of the week-how special they are to you :-

Monday- The villain in your life- you crib about it, feel blue about it, and OUTRAGE over it! But it grins all along the way, and enjoys this infamous identity. Like that rustic dude of Bollywood once drunk-danced to the number- "Naam badnaam hai, fir bhi apun ka fame hai". Yep, that's Monday alright!

Tuesday- The mellowed down aftermath of Monday. Slightly less talked about, but you still feel like this is the most neutral dayde among us. Like that actor in a supporting role who knows right from the beginning that he WILL be friendzoned, yet manages to fix everything, this dayde knows he will be remembered! Lucky arse.

Wednesday- First of all, I am particularly pissed of the fact that this dayde somehow booked the mid-week seat. I mean, where did you come from. India? Did you frigging bribe  Pope Gregory or something? Bollocks! People surely remember him, I mean, why would they not? "Mid-week crisis"-is what they call to commemorate Wednesday! It's like he is looking at us in the eye and saying- BURRRRNNN!!!

Friday- AAARGGHHH!!! Rebecca, you almost succeeded with our ploy in degrading the name of this dayde, yet somehow, things backfired when you went too robotic with your crap. Of all the days, the most loved, the most longed, the most enjoyed day is-Friday, Friday, gonna get down on a-- ah phuss..
People  party hard on this day, they stay up late at night-partying, playing counter strike over LAN, movie marathon and what not! Anything-any form of amusement. F for fun is F for Friday.

Saturday- *No comments*
Sunday- *No comments with a middle finger*

So this is it. This, my friends, is what you have done to me! Where do I fit in? Hell, even wiki cannot decide whether I am the fourth or the fifth day of the week! I am what some of you pretend to be- Forever Alone. But I don't realize why? Why don't you love me? It is only because of me that, that Fuuucriday happens,  Y U NO see that?

I have no hope on you guys. I guess the God will do something about this- probably in the Avengers' sequel. Keeping fingers crossed. And yeah... I , EXIST AND I WILL RETURN *roars like Thor*. 


  1. "Poor Thursday ! I feel so bad for him ! The most neglected of all my kids , but I still love him !" - Week

  2. This is fun, loved reading it. But you know what i do on thursday? I kill time. :P

  3. Turned out to be some good reading on a boring journey. Yes, my heart goes out to Thursday as well ;)

  4. ha ha, enjoyed reading this. sunday deserves that finger, totally. loved that image though

    1. Glad you liked it. Do check the other posts as well. ;)

  5. Haha, brilliant. Loved the Wednesday part the most. :)

  6. @TheGeniusStupidJuly 18, 2012 at 6:03 PM

    I strongly feel that you are a THOUSAND TIMES better here, than what you are on my TL, keep it up :D

  7. Ohh thanks you encourage to write more. :D


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