Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Catherine Part 4

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Catherine's story

A girl with eyes of grey, Comes to Earth with a curious gaze, From a planet where emotions are ablaze.

Born in a land of logic and fact, Where feelings are viewed as a hindrance, in fact, She struggled to understand, The swirling emotions of the native land.

But as she roamed the streets, She felt her heart begin to beat, With new sensations, she'd never felt, Love and joy, anger, and guilt.

She felt her eyes start to water, As she watched a mother and daughter, Embrace in a loving hug, She knew this was something to cherish, not shrug.

She began to learn and grow, As she let her emotions flow, She realized that in this new place, The feeling is what sets us apart and gives us grace.

As she looked to the sky, She knew she could never say goodbye, To the world that gave her birth, But she was grateful for the emotions that gave her worth.

The girl from the emotionless planet, Now understands the beauty and power of it, And with each passing day, She falls more in love with the feeling way.

This is a ChatGPT-generated post, prompted, edited and formatted by the author.

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