Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Our Good Days

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What remained of us, held chains and links together.

We gained interests, positive and then negative, until it was all sinusoidal, a thread cold and shiny.

A chance encounter, with the passing rains, gave power and motion to the lingering thoughts.

Love remained fantastic, a community stronger, a rub everlasting.

Our Good Days, as the philosopher preached, remained as is, unfolding and recoiling.

They said very clearly, that life is lingeringly long, take it piece by piece.
Our Good days have been, I think,majestic truly.

It's a toss, a shakedown, a mincemeat plate of words.

The ink dries up every time you yearn to see me but decide against it ultimately.

But then, it rains and we end up having nothing so special handed down to us.

We, at the end, stay just, grateful, thankful, and kind, to and fro, each other.

Our good days, our bad days, scheduled here n there, our muse,

Changes how we pay attention to the smallest of the details, that hold us taut, together.

(The month of empathy at TPR concludes on September 30th 2019)

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