Friday, July 10, 2015

The Induction

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She parked her car hurriedly, almost hitting the pole nearby. Getting out of the car, she could see the beastly flyer of Dr Ryan's Clinic. 'We can surely help you.' the tagline had a hidden indication that somehow soothed her , assuring her that Dr Ryan would be able to fend off this feeling of hopelessness that she had been fighting for months now.

She checked at the reception, and was requested to take a seat. The interiors of the waiting room was unusually cheerful- vibrant colors that hurt her eyes. In no time, the attendant called out her name and she was escorted inside Dr Ryan's chamber.

"Anne, please take a seat."
"Thanks, doctor."
"So tell me, what troubles you?"
"I..I don't know doctor.. I have no answer for that question.."
"Okay, but surely you can give me something! Tell me , what did you have for breakfast today?"
"Some scrambled eggs and coffee."
"Black ?"
"Yes. Wow.. erm.."
"I too had black coffee this morning. So how was it? How did you feel after finishing that cup?"
"I felt..awake..but at the same time it made me sad.."
"You think feeling partially sleepy lessens your sadness?"
"..I guess.. it makes me forget my troubles , doc.."
"...okay Anne, we will resume from here, but I need you to lie down on the couch here first. I want you to relax."

Dr Ryan helped her settle down at the couch. She was feeling at home somehow, yet the set up of a typical clinic as this was, made her remember that she wasn't really at home.

"You can continue now.."

"The thing is , doctor, that I don't know what makes me sad in the morning. It feels like I am being put in a zone everyday, by default, without any justification, and I am meant to stay in that darkness , where there's no light but gloom, no hope but sadness. I end up whiling my time the whole day, I had taken a sabbatical from work for 3 months in order to explore something fun and maybe travel the world but all I do everyday is push myself..into that zone...for reasons that I don't know how to comprehend.."
Dr Ryan, at this point mellowed the lights down, to make the room more comfortable for a good nap. She flicked a few switches in the room.

"Imagine yourself as being pushed into that zone." she said.
"Imagine that you are walking in there, slowly, but willingly , and with  reason this time..."
"But...but doc.."
Anne started slurring before long, and as she found herself landing deep into a medication-induced slumber, she saw the blurred image of her doctor, who seemed to wear a mask-like object.

"You there?"
" hear me out clear.."
"Ever tried killing someone?"
"what is that mark on your wrist?"
"I don't.. I can't.."
"You cannot lie to me you know.."
"I didn't mean to kill..myself.."
"I just wanted to make that cut with the knife...the blood spilling out...dripping on the floor...looked so shiny..."
"shiny and contoured..?"
"yes gave me some relief...until...until I started feeling dizzy...then I don't...I hardly remember.."
"would you like to repeat it...if you wanted to..?"
"I..I don't know.. yes..maybe I..--"
"what if I told you that we you find someone on whom you can inflict a wound..."
"...that's..that's impossible..why would I want to kill someone.."
"what if you really wanted to kill someone..?"
"I don't want to..."
"Well what do you want then..?"
"...just a cut..a small , triangular cut..."
"..not on your arms I hope..?"
"no no, not on mine but....someone else's..."
"someone...anyone, I can...just make a slit and no one would know..."
"what if I helped you make a slit at a particular part of the body"
"what do you...mean.."
"what if we taught to slit someone...that would result in a huge bloodloss..."
"I would love to watch the color..."
"...of the blood?"
"...of the blood, yes...yes..."
"yes...shiny and contoured..."
"...good. I will help you then, Anne, always will.."
"blood drops, dripping and...spilling..spraying and iron-like..."

Dr Ryan came out of the room, removed her mask from her face and was faced by 5-6 lab-coated people ready to follow her instructions. She started instructing with finesse:

"Test Subject number 37 - inducted into The Programme successfully. Begin the next steps please."


Three months ago , the newspapers had run a news of a suicide attempt by a senior VP of AMX Cosmetics. Anne Madison was found in her apartment, soaked in blood, pale and unconscious.

Somewhere on one of the inside pages, there was another column - regarding the mysterious disappearances of some of the prominent executives of the beauty industry, all of them having a common linkage of attempting to commit suicide.


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